LBL Currents -- June 3, 1994

Mini-cyclotron barely bigger than a bread box

By Lynn Yarris, LCYarris,

Responding to the cur-rent fiscal pressure on science to scale back, LBL researchers have developed a cyclotron the size of a microwave oven. Though comparable in size to the early cyclotrons of E.O. Lawrence, this "cyclotrino" is meant not to be used for nuclear physics, but as a tool for measuring trace amounts of elements and their isotopes.

For the past three years, physicist Anthony Young of the Accelerator and Fusion Research Division (AFRD) has led the effort to make a practical, laboratory-sized cyclotron for accelerator-based mass spectrometry. This highly sensitive technique, which can cull and identify single atoms from a sample containing trillions, can be used for a variety of purposes, such as radiodating fossils and archeological artifacts, measuring atmospheric pollutants, sequencing DNA, or studying the metabolism of therapeutic drugs.

Young and his colleagues credit LBL astrophysicist Rich Muller for having launched the modern era of accelerator-based mass spectrometry in 1976 when he developed it as an improvement over radioactive carbon dating.

"We think of Rich Muller as the godfather of our project," Young says. "He was the one who thought to combine mass spectrometry with accelerator technology as a way to make radiodating much more sensitive."

In conventional radiodating, the age of a sample is estimated by taking a count of the one or more carbon-14 atoms that are decaying to nitrogen. In accelerator mass spectrometry, the total number of carbon-14 atoms in the sample are counted whether they are decaying or not. This results in a many thousandfold increase in sensitivity, which means either a much smaller amount of sample is needed, i.e., a tenth of a milligram instead of a gram, or else detection time can be greatly shortened.

Accelerator mass spectrometry as practiced today is remarkably precise but has not been widely adapted because of the size and expense of tandem Van de Graff accelerators, the machines of choice for radiodating samples. (Less than two dozen facilities perform AMS in the world today.)

Muller and his group built a couple of prototypes for a low-energy, relatively inexpensive miniature cyclotron that, like tandem accelerators, were well-suited to measure the presence of carbon-14. Several versions were also built by groups outside LBL. In all cases, however, a variety of technical difficulties hampered development.

"The project became such an engineering tour de force that many people came to believe it couldn't be done," says Young. However, he and his colleagues have made some crucial improvements in their mini-cyclotron that they think will rekindle interest in the technology. Perhaps the most important improvement has been the replacement of an electrical magnet with a series of permanent magnets to generate the cyclotrino's magnetic field. In accelerator mass spectrometry, a sample is vaporized into ions which are then accelerated and sorted according to mass and charge as they pass through a magnetic field. A particle detector is then used to identify the ions. By generating the magnetic field with permanent magnets instead of the electrical magnets used in previous compact cyclotrons, Young and his colleagues have reduced the overall size and weight of their machine and minimized its power and cooling demands.

Permanent magnets also give the cyclotrino a portability that older versions lacked. The team used samarium cobalt magnets designed by Klaus Halbach and Ross Schlueter of the Engineering Division.

The team also improved the injection line that delivers a beam of accelerated ions from its source to the cyclotron's magnetic field. This change improved sensitivity of the cyclotrino.

Sensitivity and detection efficiency were further improved by the use of a negative ion source of the type designed by AFRD's Ka-Ngo Leung for fusion research. With its unique multicusp magnetic field, the negative ion source is not only much easier to operate than the sputter sources used in previous mini-cyclotrons, it also yields a superior quality beam at a much higher current and sample efficiency.

"Our mini-cyclotron is not a competitive technology to conventional accelerator mass spectrometry, but an alternative for those who can't afford to use a tandem accelerator," says Young. "Building a machine like this is something that could not be done at many other places because its design and fabrication called for so many different skills."

Young's collaborators, in addition to those already mentioned, included Kirk Bertsche, a former member of Muller's group, Dave Clark of the Nuclear Science Division, and AFRD's Wulf Kunkel, Chaoyang Li, Mary Stuart, and Russ Wells.

PHOTO CAPTION -- AFRD's Tony Young (foreground) led the team that developed a mini-cyclotron for radiodating and other spectrometry-based studies. Behind Young, from left, are Glen Ackerman, Mary Stuart, Dave Clark, Wulf Kunkel, Luke Perkins, Ka Leung, Klaus Halbach, Chaoyang Li, Tom McVey, Al Rawlings, and Steve Wilde.

Reception for Seaborg, Rosenfeld, Heinemann, Bergman

All Lab employees are invited to attend a special reception at 11 a.m. on Monday, June 6, outside the ALS, to honor, for their recent awards:

Glenn Seaborg

Art Rosenfeld

Heinz Heinemann

Robert Bergman

Refreshments will be served.


The LBL cafeteria will be closed for remodeling from Friday, June 3, through Friday, June 10. There will be a catering truck in the cafeteria parking lot to handle breakfast and lunch during this period. During the shutdown, the Employee Buying Service will be headquartered in Bldg. 90-1136B. Hours will be 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The cafeteria will be open for business again on Monday, June 13.

Nuclear scientists pack volumes on single CD

By Mike Wooldridge,

Literature searches have just gotten easier for nuclear scientists, and at a price anyone can afford.

Researchers in the Nuclear Science Division's Isotopes Project and at Lund University in Sweden have developed a CD-ROM that holds the bibliographic data for every important paper published on nuclear structure since 1910. Called Papyrus NSR, the compact disk contains the listings found in Nuclear Structure References, the on-line database for low- to medium-energy physics maintained at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

"Papyrus NSR is unique in nuclear physics right now," says LBL physicist Edgardo Browne, who helped spearhead the project. "It is the first bibliographic database of its kind offered on compact disk." Browne worked with Peter Ekström of Lund University to develop the CD-ROM.

Best of all, Papyrus NSR is being distributed free of charge to nuclear scientists through the Isotopes Project, an LBL group that evaluates and disseminates nuclear data to the scientific community.

The new CD-ROM should be particularly valuable to scientists who lack the capability to access the Nuclear Structure References database on-line, such as those working at small universities or at home.

Papyrus NSR will run on most IBM-compatible computers with CD-ROM drives. For efficient performance, Browne recommends users have at least a 386-based system and DOS version 6.2.

The 150 megabytes of data on the Papyrus NSR disk contain more than 130,000 bibliographic references, equivalent to about 10,000 type-written pages. Users can search the references by categories common to most library databases, such as title, author, editor, journal, date and keyword.

To access the reference data, the CD-ROM includes a special version of Papyrus, a bibliographic database program developed by Research Software Design Inc. in Portland, Oregon.

Browne and Ekström plan to offer updates to Papyrus NSR every four months, available over the Internet or on floppy disk. An updated CD-ROM is expected to be released once a year.

For more information about Papyrus NSR, contact Edgardo Browne at X7647.

Gay Pride Month: Events begin with guest speaker

Liz Hendrickson, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights in San Francisco, will begin a lecture series celebrating Gay Pride Month at LBL. Her lecture, "Equality and Inclusiveness: New Landscapes for the 90s" will begin at noon on Thursday, June 9, in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium. Hendrickson will focus on the historical patterns shaping our society's reluctance to embrace true equality, currents obstacles and trends, and implications and hope for the future.

Hendrickson has directed the NCLR, the country's only lesbian rights organization, since 1991. She earned a J.D. from Golden Gate School of Law in 1979 and focused much of her practice on family law and domestic violence. She founded the Alameda County Domestic Violence Law Project in 1982, and headed the free family law services of the Alameda County Bar Association from 1986-1991.

Gay Pride activities designed to address a variety of concerns which may be of interest to the general Lab community have been scheduled for several Thursdays in June. In addition to gays and lesbians, those who are parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, or supervisors of a gay or lesbian person may want to find out more about such issues as acceptance, inclusiveness, openness, privacy, and mutual respect.

Gay Pride Month has been organized by the LBL Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Association. Refreshments will be served following the lecture.

In Memoriam--Marianne Larsen

Marianne Larsen, a former LBL Library staff member, died at her home in Richmond on May 29. She worked at the Lab from 1963 until her retirement in October 1993.

Over the course of her career at LBL, Larsen worked on the Magnet (Currents' predecessor), in the Main Library in Bldg. 50, and in each of the various branches.

She is survived by her parents, several siblings, two children--Stephen Larsen and Karen Olson, who works in the Energy and Environment Division--and grandsons Chris, Josh, Cole, and Jesse.

A memorial mass will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 11, at St. John the Baptist Church on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be sent to Sempervirens Fund, Drawer B, Los Altos, CA 94023.

Warehouse relocation process underway

The relocation of the off-site Warehouse and Receiving Facility has begun, and the month-long process of moving the entire Receiving and Excess Property function along with more than 2,000 storage items will continue until June 20.

The new facility is located at 2700 Seventh Street in Berkeley and will have the designation Building 903. Central Receiving, Bulk Storage, Bulk Issue, and Used Furniture will also be relocated there.

Building 903 will offer high levels of both security and communication, and will feature a new AT&T partnership telephone system with an LBL Net T-1 upgrade for the new ORACLE purchasing system.

For additional information regarding the move or a tour of the new facility, contact Don Prestella at X4935.

Computer Services training schedule

June - July 1994

The following classes are open for enrollment. To register contact Gayle Milligan at X4511 or email This schedule is also on the WKSG Server.

Beg. Word 5.1 June 7-9 10 a.m. - noon 50B/1229

Beg. FileMaker Pro June 21-23 10 a.m. - noon 50B/1229

Beg. FileMaker Pro July 19-21 10 a.m. - noon 50B/1229

Beg. Excel 4.0 Mac June 14-16 9 a.m. - noon 50B/1229

Beg. Excel 4.0 Mac July 26-28 9 a.m. - noon 50B/1229

Beg. Excel 4.0 PC June 21-23 9 a.m. - noon 50B/1215A

Beg. Excel 4.0 PC July 19-21 9 a.m. - noon 50B/1215A

Beg. QuickMail June 24 10 a.m. - noon 50B/1229

Beg. QuickMail July 22 10 a.m. - noon 50B/1229

Beg. Meeting Maker July 1 10 a.m. - noon 50B/1229

Beg. Meeting Maker July 29 10 a.m. - noon 50B/1229

*Subscribers of the Workstation Support Services Program receive a discount. For information on the program, call X6858 (MAC users) or X6858 (PC users).



The Isotopes Project in the Nuclear Science Division hosted the 11th International Atomic Energy Agency Advisory Group Meeting on the Coordination of the Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Evaluators' Network. This biennial meeting, held at LBL May 16-20, was attended by 40 nuclear physicists from 14 countries. It was the first time the meeting had been held in the United States since 1977. The meeting agenda focused on future planning and how to provide for the evolving data needs of researchers as research priorities change. A record number of action items will determine the work carried out by the centers during the next two years. During the week, the group also enjoyed a trip to Napa Valley and a banquet at the California Culinary Academy. Local organizers of the meeting were Janis Dairiki and Rick Firestone of LBL, and Craig Stone of San Jose State University.


Alexis T. Bell of LBL's Materials Sciences Division has been appointed dean of UC Berkeley's College of Chemistry, effective July 1. He has served as acting dean since April, when C. Bradley Moore, a researcher in LBL's Chemical Sciences Division, stepped down from the position to return to teaching and research.

EH&S training made easy for summer students

With summer nearly upon us, most divisions are expecting the arrival of summer students. These students will need EH&S information and training in order to work safely and to maintain compliance with regulations and DOE Orders. The EH&S Training Unit has coordinated this summer's training schedule so the students will be able to attend timely and relevant training.

Until they receive training appropriate to the hazards to which they may be exposed at LBL, students may only work under continuous, direct supervision. It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure that students receive training. At a minimum, all students who will be working for more than one month must take "Introduction to Environment, Health, and Safety at LBL" (EHS-10, EHS-392, and EHS-405). Returning students who have already taken the course need not take it again. Training records for present and past employees, guests, and students are available in the Training Database on FOCUS.

June offerings of courses most likely to be relevant to the students' work are listed below. To enroll students or receive more information, call EH&S Training at X6612, or fax requests to X6608.

Will the student be working for a month or longer?

If yes:

* Introduction to Environment, Health, and Safety at LBL --

9-11:30 a.m., June 8, or 1:30-4 p.m., June 21, Bldg. 66 Auditorium. No pre-registration required.

Will the student work with hazardous chemicals?

If yes:

* Chemical Hygiene and Safety Training (EHS-348) -- Offered especially for students, 1-4 p.m., June 14, Bldg. 70-191,


* Hazardous/Radioactive/ Mixed Waste Generator Training video (EHS-601/EHS-621), June 14, immediately following course listed above. Also available through division offices.

Will the student work with radioactive materials?

If yes:

* Radiation Protection - Radionuclides (EHS 430) --

8 a.m.-noon, June 13 and 15, Bldg. 2-100B.

Will the student work with lasers? If yes:

* Laser Safety (EHS-280) -- 9:30-11:45 a.m., June 16, Bldg. 90-4133.

Will the student perform any maintenance or modification of equipment which may unexpectedly release energy? If yes:

* Lockout/Tagout Training (EHS-256) -- 9 a.m.-noon, June 14, Bldg. 90-4133.

Will the student work with biohazards? If yes:

* Blood Biosafety Training (EHS-735) -- 1-2:30 p.m.,

June 16, Bldg. 66-316,


* Medical/Biohazardous Waste Training (EHS-730) --

10-11:30 a.m., June 7, Bldg. 66-316. n

"The Search for Heavy Elements" available for purchase

LBL's latest documentary video, "The Search for Heavy Elements," is now available for purchase through LBL's Center for Science and Engineering Education. The price is $10 for Lab employees, and $30 for teachers and the public.

The 24-minute non-technical video, written and produced by Diane LaMacchia of the Public Information Department, tells the fascinating story of how LBL scientists produced heavy elements ranging from neptunium in 1940 to seaborgium in 1993. Using a mix of interviews, recent and archival footage, animation and photographs, the video provides a unique look at the scientific discovery process.


Video order form

To order your personal copy of "The Search for Heavy Elements," send your order stating name, mailstop, phone extension, number of copies at $10 apiece with a check payable to UC Regents, to the address below. For information, call X5511.

Send to: CSEE Video

Bldg. 938C

Puzzle Fun

By Maggie Morley

Solution to last week's cryptogram





6 m o n d a y


11 a.m., ALS patio


1-5 p.m., Bldg. 2-100B; Radiation Protection - Radionuclides (EHS-430), concludes on Thursday; pre-registration required, X6612

7t u e s d a y


10-11:30 a.m., Bldg. 66-316; Medical/Biohazardous Waste Training (EHS-730); pre-registration required, X6612

8 w e d n e s d a y


9-11:30 a.m., Bldg. 66 Aud.; Introduction to Environment, Health & Safety at LBL (EHS-10)


9 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 66-316; Adult CPR (EHS-123); pre-registration required, X6554


12:10 p.m., Bldg. 2-300F; guests welcome

9 t h u r s d a y


7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Bldg. 77


10-11:30 a.m., Bldg. 4-102B; Fire Extinguisher Use (EHS-530); pre-registration required, X6554


Noon, Bldg. 50 Aud.; L. Hendrickson, National Ctr. for Lesbian Rights, "Equality and Inclusiveness: New Landscapes for the 90s"


12:15 p.m., Bldg. 90-3148; S. Berman, LBL, "Photometry for the 21st Century"


1-5 p.m., Bldg. 2-100B; Radiation Protection - Radionuclides (EHS-430), continued from Monday; pre-registration required, X6612


4 p.m., Bldg. 70A-3377; R. Jahn, Univ. of Bonn, "Near Threshold Meson Production with p+d -> 3He + X Reaction at Saturn and Cosy;" R. Joosten, Univ. of Bonn, "A High Granularity Scintillating Fibers Vertex Detector for the MOMO Experiment at COSY"

10 f r i d a y


10:30 a.m., Bldg. 71 Conf. Rm.; M. Kasevich, Stanford Univ., "Laser Manipulation of Atoms"


Flea Market ads may be sent via Lab mail to Bldg. 65B, electronic mail to, or via Fax to X6641. The deadline is 5 p.m. Friday.


'72 DATSUN 510 sta. wgn, lots of miles, rough int./ext. but great trans. around town, $450/b.o. 548-9869

'85 NISSAN Stanza, 4-dr hatchbk, auto/power steering & brakes, gd tires, smog cert. & recently serviced, runs great, 120K mi. but lovingly cared for, all maintenance records, moving, must sell, $1400/b.o. Laurie, 643-9259

'85 PLYMOUTH Voyager, 7-passenger, 91K mi., blue, p/s, a/c, cruise, stereo cass., $5500/ b.o. Robert G. Bergman, 642-2156, 527-2937

'85 TOYOTA Camry LE sedan, a/t, p/s, p/b, a/c, pwr windows & sunroof, 4-dr, runs exc., very reliable, $4K/b.o. Steve, 357-9990

'86 SUBARU wgn, 4WD, 5-spd, a/c, c/c, p/s, snrf, am/fm cass., 123K mi., $3K/b.o. Igor, X7845, 883-9621

'87 VW GTI, exc. cond., Neuspeed suspension, Alpine stereo, new tires & more, $5900. Ethan, X6592, 601-7161 (eve./wkend)

'88 MAZDA 323 HB, 2-dr, gray metallic, 4-spd, 130K mi., recently overhauled engine, new tires, brakes & muffler, gd cond., drives exc., $2200/b.o. Jan Cernohorsky, X5466, 843-6005

'92 TOYOTA Tercel, 2-dr sedan, 24K mi., white, basic model, exc. cond., under warranty, very well maintained, avail. 6/27, $6900. Nicole, 237-2179

'93 MAZDA MX3, GS, V-6, a/c, sunroof, cruise, 12K mi., factory warranty, $13.5K. 527-7654

GO CART, 4 yrs. old, 5 HP, seldom used, gd cond., $500/b.o. Kelly or Joe Gonzalez, X4570, X5901, 634-5364

SCOOTER, '87 Honda Elite 150, quick, incl. helmet, lock & basket, $1300. Ethan, X6592, 601-7161 (eve./wkend)


CARPOOL, member needed, Alameda-LBL, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Sabine Airieau, X4061


CAREGIVER, 20-24 hrs./wk for 8 mo. old & occasional 3 yr. old (when preschool is not in session), schedule to be determined (likely 4 days of 6 hrs. ea.) our home or yours. Steve or Alison, 704-0946

GARAGE/COVERED PARKING, to rent in Albany, El Cerrito, Berkeley for collector car, minimal in/out, will clean/repair garage as necessary. Peter, X6517, 527-5115


AMPLIFIER, 150W/ch, Sansui BA2000, $175; futon & frame, queen sz., less than 1 yr. old, $175; mattress & box spring, dbl, exc. cond., $50/both. Ethan, X6592, 601-7161 (eve./wkend)

BICYCLES (3), Kettler Alu-Rad, 20" MT. bike/cruiser, alum. frame, Deore parts., touring outfit, fenders, gen./lights, panniers, mint cond., asking $250/b.o.; Raleigh RT-300, 23" road bike, dbl butted tubes, Shimano Exage parts, brand new, asking $200/b.o.; woman's road bike, steel frame, gd. cond., asking $50. Marc, X6712

BOOKSHELF, blk, $10; sm. dressers (2), blk, $10; Window blinds 60"W ivory, $10 & 30"W blue, $5; White shade, 30"W, new, $3; jewelry boxes, $1-5; curtain rods, ext. cords, pictures, $1-5; misc. best offer. 843-2097

CLOSET DOOR, mirror-faced, brass frame, 3 pairs to fit opening 92-94" tall, 66-222" wide (in combination), plastic wheel at bottom, metal rail base & top, all necessary hardware, asking $100/pr. Giovanni De Amici, X6532

DESK, sturdy, w/4-drwrs, $60; Pioneer am/fm amp., TEAC dual cass. deck, phonograph, 2 Realistic spkrs, $150;10-cup coffee maker, Procter Silex, $5. 831-9172

FIGURE SKATES, ladies, CCM, sz. 6, barely used, exc. cond., incl. lg. skate bag, $80/offer. Suzanne Stroh, 524-1953 (after 6 p.m.)

FURNITURE, maple bed, 2 end tables, dresser, kitchen table w/extensions incl. 4 matching chairs, $200/b.o.; beekeepig equip., hives, supers incl. supers w/inserts for comb honey, misc. equip., $100/b.o. Laurie, X5646

MICROWAVE OVEN, Kenmore, 750+ watt, exc. cond., $75/b.o. Khris, 482-1559 (after 6 p.m.)

MOVING SALE, love seat & ottoman, 8 mos. old, $200; light pine finished bookcase, 6'x3', $100; light pine finished kitchen table, $50, all in exc. cond. Jean-Christophe, X6279

MOVING SALE, Whirlpool washer $75; GE gas dryer $30; papa-san chair and footstool $25; dishes, 8-pc. place setting, $10. X7580

MOVING SALE, concert guitar, $110; 4-cup coffee maker, Krups, $20; iron, new, $15; deck chair, $7; desk lamp, $5; dishes, mugs, glass, kitchen items, price negot. Waltraud, X7363, 843-1103

MOVING SALE, queen-sz. futon, oak finish $100; 13" TV, Philips, $100, Code-a-phone answering sys., $30; phone, $20; ironing board, $15; iron, $15; black wood plateau, $5; Pyrex dishes. Nicole, 237-2179

MOVING SALE, Baldwin upright piano, great tone, $900; freezer, $80; Sears swingset w/slide, swings & trapeze, $90; 26x50" marble slab, $50; electric cement mixer, $350; 35' alum. extension ladder, $150; 1951 portable TV, make offer; queen & bunk beds, dressers, cherry desk, book cases, chairs, $5-$35. Erica, X4961, Ken X4929, 841-9616 (after 6/6)

PING-PONG TABLE, incl. net, paddles, etc., gd cond., $50. Carolyn, X7827

PUPPIES, Basset Hound, show quality, exc. AKC pedigree, $575. Tim Nuzum, X5612, (707)745-2857

SADDLE, Crosby jumping, 18", pigskin, w/stirrup leathers, irons & pads, felt saddle pad, braided nylon girth, bridle w/plain snaffle bit, very gd cond., $600; bicycle, Bianchi 10-spd, vintage '70, orig. unrestored cond., some Campy., sew-ups, finger tips, 54 cm (21") frame, $150; exercise equipment, Nordic Track Excel w/elec. & training video, exc. cond., $400; Voit TR66 exercise bike w/flywheel, exc. cond., $100. Heather Freeman, X5161, 482-3259

SUPER NINTENDO, w/2 controllers & 2 games (Super Smash T.V. & Super Mario World), gd cond., $70 inclusive. 528-4252

WASHER & DRYER, Hotpoint washer, Kenmore elec. dryer, both in exc. cond., $250/pr.; hardwd kitchen/bar stools, rattan seat, wood backrest, exc. cond., 4 for $200; stairstep exercise machine w/elec. readout, best offer. Jeff, X5267, 482-1377


ALAMEDA, lg. studio in Victorian house, no pets, $525/mo. incl. utils. Julie, X6261, 769-7028

BERKELEY, 2-bdrm house, garage, yd, workshop, frpl, $875/mo. 527-4192

BERKELEY, 2728 Derby St., furn. rm in 2-bdrm house, share w/female student & friendly cat hardwood flrs, garden, 10 min. walk to UCB, avail. 6/1-8/23, $600/duration. Pia Anderson or Kathleen Leon, 848-0120

BERKELEY, furn. 1-bdrm, avail. June, July & Aug., $585. 843-4014, 548-1887

BERKELEY, Russell & Florence (1 mi. from UCB), unfurn. 1 bdrm apt., prefer long term, dishwasher, laundry fac., off st. parking, no pets, quiet bldg., nr shopping & bus, avail. 7/1, $462/mo. Marnie, 843-0886

BERKELEY, furn. in-law studio + loft, sun deck, pvt. entrance & garden, own bth, amenities, country-like setting, custom woodworking, short walk to downtown & UCB, for 1 person, visiting scholar/writer especially welcomed, short/long term, $550/mo. for studio, w/lg. extra rm, $750. Dr. Quince, 548-7424

BERKELEY HILLS, Euclid/Cedar, 5 blks from UCB, furn. rm in pvt. home, kitchen privs., washer/dryer, deck, bay view, nr trans., shops, tennis cts. & Rose Garden, non-smoker, no pets, must be clean, prefer visiting scholar/ft working person, avail. 6/1, $450/mo. + util. 642-8517, 548-1287

CENT. BERKELEY, 2-bdrm house, hdwd flrs, frpl, lg. yd w/garden, all amenities, walk to BART, downtown, LBL shuttle & shops, feed 2 bunnies, avail. 6/24 - 7/19, $550 + $500 dep. requested. Nancy, 883-0808

NO. BERKELEY, furn. 1-bdrm, 1-bth cottage, avail. 7/1-31 (negot.). nr LBL/UCB, public trans. & freeway. 524-3757

NO. BERKELEY, furn. 3-bdrm, 2-bth house, dining rm, patio, deck, cat sit, cleaning person, avail. approx. 6/20 - 8/10, $1200/mo. Corinne, 525-1038

NO. BERKELEY HILLS, studio in-law apt, quiet & secluded, garden setting, full bath, kitchenette, partially furn (optional), prefer non-smoker, 2 blks to #8 bus, 1 mi. from UCB, avail. 6/5, $450/mo. incl. utils. 848-6902

EL CERRITO, 1-bdrm, 1-bth unit, 800 sq. ft., frpl, stove, refrig., dishwasher, washer/dryer, nr BART & shopping, $650/mo. incl. utils. Denny, 237-8171

KENSINGTON, furn. 2-bdrm, 1-bth house, linens, kitchenware, light-filled located on dead-end st., lg. deck overlooking Wildcat Cyn (Tilden Park), avail. 6/12 - 8/15 (somewhat flex.), $1100/mo. incl. utilities except phone. 642-8715, 528-5123

KENSINGTON, sm. garden studio apt., washer/dryer, tile flrs, no storage space, nr busses & shopping, $550/mo. 525-3697

OAKLAND, Lake Merritt Hts., 2-bdrm, 1-1/2 in 4-plex, spacious, bright, view, laundry, garage, security, $700/mo. 655-3992

OAKLAND, 1 huge bdrm avail. in sunny apt, hardwd flrs, nr trans., 1 blk from Lake Merritt, share 2-bdrm apt. w/female student., $350/mo.+1st, last & $200 dep. Leketa, 451-3271

OAKLAND HILLS, furn. 3-bdrm, 2.5 bth house, panoramic bay views, spacious & modern kitchen, 2-car garage, laundry fac., very quiet neighborhood, 15 min. drive to LBL/UCB, easy access to 580/Bay Bridge, 5 min. to Redwood Regional Park. avail. 8/1 -12/31, $1600/mo. Peter or Karen, 482-0148

NO. OAKLAND, below Rockridge, 1200 sq. ft., 1-bdrm flat, sep. living & dining rms, lg. kitchen, dishwasher, disposal, laundry hook-ups, walk-in closet, frpl, hardwd flrs, yd, avail. mid-June, $750/mo. + util. Tom, 601-0574 (eve./wkend)

RICHMOND ANNEX, 2-bdrm apt. in triplex, nr E.C. Plaza & BART, refrig., garage, coin laundry, yd, carpet, lg. kitchen w/dishwasher, new paint & blinds, $750/mo. + dep. Judy, 527-8766

WANTED: Furn./unfurn. 2+ bdrms, Berkeley-Oakland-Albany-El Cerrito, 2 adult nonsmokers will care for pets, plants, garden if needed, local refs avail., $950/mo. max., will be in Berkeley 5/27-6/6 to view housing. Professor Deborah Berman Santana, 654-9694

WANTED: Furn. house for visiting Canadian professor for 1 yr. starting Aug., 2 adults, 2 children, will care for pets & plants, non-smokers, prefer Albany, Kensington. A.P. Hitchcock,

WANTED: Nice apt./house for German posdoc couple, (semi-) furn., from 9/15 for 1 yr. (maybe 2), safe & quiet area, in walking/biking dist. to LBL/UCB, prefer $1K. X4491, 704-0752

WANTED: Sm. house/condo, prefer Kensington/Berkeley/Oakland hills, Aug. '94-June '95 (approx.), up to $1500/mo. Prof. G. Thomas, X5656


SO. LAKE TAHOE, lakefront townhouse, all amenities, nr all play spots. Herbert Newkirk, 422-8845, 455-5595


PUPPY, 7 mo. old, v. affectionate female, mixed-breed (sm.), spayed & vaccinated, nds loving home, preferably w/children & lg. yd. Travis, 524-9281



Mary Bodvarsson, X4014

Mac QuickMail, fax X6641


Jeffery Kahn

Mike Wooldridge

Lynn Yarris


Fax X6641

Deadline: 10:30 a.m. Tuesday


Fax X6641

Deadline: 5 p.m. Friday


Mary Padilla, X5771


Alice Ramirez


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