LBL Currents -- July 15, 1994

Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary visits LBL

By Mike Wooldridge,

Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary spent the day at LBL on June 30, participating in two high-level DOE meetings, and speaking to Lab employees outside the Advanced Light Source.

Hundreds crowded on the ALS patio under sunny skies to hear the Secretary describe a DOE future driven by ambitious young scientists who, through research and development, will expand the country's economic capabilities at home and abroad.

O'Leary also entertained a few questions from the crowd, but was interrupted after 20 minutes by a phone call from Vice President Al Gore. She later apologized for her abrupt exit, explaining that the vice president had sought her counsel regarding a close vote by Congress on an energy and water bill.

O'Leary's speech focused on the immediate innovations DOE science can provide the U.S. economy. "Our challenge is to make what we produce in the U.S. of the highest quality, the best value for the dollar, for the franc, or for the drachma spent," she said. "It is to make products that are so technically correct for the problems they attempt to solve that anyone shopping in the global marketplace is compelled to buy them."

The stressing of DOE's contribution to the country's economic success comes in a year when the Galvin Task Force, a Secretary-appointed group of industry leaders, is carefully assessing the nine multi-purpose national labs. The group's mission involves, among other things, finding ways to strengthen ties between the national labs and the private sector. The Task Force will produce a final report that is expected to chart the future of the labs.

Speaking to those who fear that the Galvin report may lead to lab closures, O'Leary said, "The Galvin Task Force is taking the time to examine the laboratories not in a way that perceives that there is something bad about them, but that there is something powerful about them. When we put all the labs in a single pot, their combined capability in science, technology and engineering is larger than any in the private sector--larger than General Motors, the largest privately owned laboratory."

During the question-and-answer period, Luciano Moretto of the Nuclear Science Division voiced concern that such an applied science emphasis might eclipse basic research. He cited the esteemed history of experimental science at LBL: "The Picassos and Matisses of science have led LBL in the past. What you are asking, perhaps, is that they become interior decorators."

O'Leary answered that measurable results from lab projects are needed now to guarantee the delivery of funds to support basic research in the future. "The public wants immediate benefits," she said. "The public doesn't want to fund what it doesn't clearly understand. We need to articulate the vision to the public that we need to make the investment in basic science, too, and that it must make a leap of faith with us on basic research."

O'Leary said she was particularly impressed by the student researchers she met during a tour of the ALS. They are testimony, she said, to the need of DOE to maintain its links with education. "We need to encourage, seduce, and outright bribe young, diverse minds to come here and do extraordinary work," she said.

Responding to an employee question, O'Leary also addressed last year's pay freeze. "If you want to blame anyone, blame me," she said. "The freeze was a necessity to prove to the public and Congress that we could manage costs. I won't put it on your back again."

Before her talk, O'Leary met in closed session with the heads of the nine national labs at the quarterly Lab Directors' Meeting. In the afternoon, she participated in a public meeting with the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB), of which the Galvin Task Force is a subcommittee.

SEAB, meeting for the second time since forming in January, reviewed the status of the Galvin Task Force and announced plans for another committee focusing on energy issues, the Yerkin Task Force.

After the SEAB meeting, O'Leary held a press conference with Bay Area reporters.

PHOTO CAPTIONS -- Employees packed the area in front of the ALS on Thursday, June 30, to hear Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary speak about thefuture of science at the national labs.

Inside the ALS, Hazel O'Leary mets some of the students who sharpen their skills each summer on science projects at the Lab.

Joe Jaklevic of the Engineering Division shows members of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, which met at LBL on June 30, some of the advances in sequencing instrumentation being put to use at the Human Genome Center.
Photos by Steve Adams and Paul Hames


Mary Ann Piette of the Energy Analysis Program in the Energy and Environment Division will be the second speaker in LBL's Summer Lecture Series. Her talk, "Green Buildings: Increased Energy Efficiency through Advanced Technology and Common Sense," will begin at noon on Wednesday, July 20, in the Bldg. 50 auditorium.

Buildings consume nearly 40 percent of U.S. national energy use at a cost of more than $200 billion per year. Piette's work focuses on the energy performance and cost-effectiveness of technologies, equipment, systems, and designs in new and existing buildings. She will highlight research projects at LBL that use technologies and strategies for reducing energy use in buildings. Practical suggestions for home and office will be included.

Lab employees and guests are invited to attend each of the lectures, which are listed below. For more information, contact the Public Information Department at X4015.

PHOTO CAPTION -- Bowl whizzes chat with science greats -- LBL Director-at-Large Glenn Seaborg and Nuclear physicist Al Ghiorso met with runners-up from this year's Science Bowl competition on June 29. The Science Bowl is a DOE-sponsored national competition where high-schoolers match wits in subjects in science and math. The team was visiting the Bay Area from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dean Dolence, the team's coach, is shown with his two young sons.
Photo by Paul Hames

Puzzle fun by Maggie Morley



Here is the solution to the puzzle of June 24:

"The dust of exploded beliefs may make a fine sunset."

-- G. Madan

Work Request Center extends hours

The Facilities Work Request Center (WRC) is now staffed between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. The WRC will take all facilities-related inquiries and work requests and direct them to the appropriate service provider. In the next few weeks the WRC, which currently handles between 400 and 600 requests each month, will assume responsibility for additional types of requests. Watch Currents for news of these expansions in service. For more information, contact the WRC at X6274 or by fax at X6272. n

In memoriam: Warren Garrison

Warren Garrison, a radiation chemist at LBL for 30 years, died on July 3. He was 79 years old.

Garrison received his B.S. and M.S. from UC Berkeley, and his Ph.D. in photochemistry from New York University. He worked on the Manhattan Project from 1942 to 1945 before coming to LBL in 1948.

At LBL, Garrison studied the reaction mechanisms involved with the irradiation of biological molecules. From 1948 to 1961, he worked at the Crocker Laboratory, performing research at the 60-inch accelerator. He was a senior staff scientist in the Nuclear Chemistry Division from 1961 to 1975, and worked in the Materials and Molecular Science Division from 1975 to 1977. After retiring in 1977, Garrison was named Senior Staff Scientist Emeritus at LBL.

Garrison published numerous papers over his career. He served as an associate editor of Radiation Research and was on the editorial advisory board of Radiation Effects. He was chairman of the Gordon Conference on Radiation Chemistry in 1959.

He is survived by his wife Frances, sister Ann Greenleaf, son Warren Garrison Jr., and two grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, July 29, at the Presbyterian Church in Danville. Donations in memory of Garrison may be made to the Warren M. Garrison Memorial Fund at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

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Please contact the LBL Mail Room at X5353 to request that the number be adjusted. While the Mail Room tries to ensure that the appropriate amount is delivered, they need your help to stay informed of changes in staffing.

N e w s W i r e


Hal Anger, a researcher in the Donner Laboratory from 1946 to 1981, has received the first Cassen Prize for his achievements in nuclear medicine. In 1956, Anger developed the scintillation camera, also known as the Anger Camera, which enables physicians to detect tumors and conduct other medical diagnoses by measuring gamma rays emitted from radioactive isotopes. Anger received the award at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine in Orlando, Fla., on June 5.

Frances Ross of the National Center for Electron Microscopy (NCEM) was guest editor of the June issue of the Materials Research Society Bulletin. The issue is devoted to Materials Science in the Electron Microscope and contains articles by Ross and NCEM Director Uli Dahmen. Much of the work described was performed at NCEM.


Eleven members of the LBL Fire Department completed extensive training to become State-certified Hazardous Materials Technicians on June 24. The 160 hours of training were provided by the Industrial Emergency Council. Those who received the training include: Captain Dick Valentine and firefighters Marc Fitzgerald, Harold Blair, Gary Dunbar, Chuck Palmer, Mike Stoner, Les Lockhart, Brad Olson, and Kirk McKenzie. They join previously trained Fire Department employees in attaining Technician rating from the State of California and California Specialized Training Institute. The training will better prepare these Lab personnel for dealing with incidents involving hazardous materials.

Signs of danger

June through October is wildland fire season, a period of increased risk of fires resulting from low rainfall, high temperatures and low humidity. The fire department will begin posting fire danger signs at the three Lab entrances when weather conditions pose an especially high risk for wild fires: when temperatures climb above 90deg.F, relative humidity drops below 20 per cent, and winds of at least 25 mph blow from the north or northeast. Such "red flag" conditions existed during the Hills Fire of October 1991.

PHOTO CAPTION -- With one of the new signs are David Piepho, Wayne Nordby, Gary Dunbar, and Harold Blair.
Photo by Paul Hames

Computing Services Training Schedule

Basic Macintosh July 20

Introduction to FileMakerPro July 19-21

* Beginning Microsoft Excel 4.0 - MAC July 26-28

* Beginning Microsoft Excel 4.0 - PC July 19-21

Introduction to MS-DOS Aug. 23-24

Introduction to QuickMail Aug. 11

Introduction to Meeting Maker Aug. 10

Beginning Microsoft Excel 4.0 - MAC Aug. 16-18

Basic Macintosh Aug. 12

Introduction to FileMakerPro Aug. 23-25

Beginning Microsoft Excel 4.0 - PC Aug. 30-Sept. 1

* full class

To enroll, call X4511 or email The training schedules are also on the WWWeb. The URL is:

LBL softball league

Following are updated scores and standings, effective July 13:

Results of July 13:

SUDZ 11 -- Animals 6

Ball Park Estimates 14 -- Off-The-Hill 13

Rated X 1 -- Native Defects 0

Animals 12 -- CAMshafts 1

Legends 15 -- Environ-Mets 1

Budget Cuts 10 -- Native Defects 8

Standings as of July 13

Western Division

Budget Cuts 5-1

Environ-Mets 4-3

Animals 3-4

SUDZ 2-3

CAMshafts 0-5

Eastern Division

Rated X 7-0

Legends 5-1

Off-The-Hill 2-4

Native Defects 1-4

Ball Park Estimates 1-5

Games are played every Wednesday through August 17 at Kleeberger Field (Gayley Road at Rimway Road), beginning at 6 p.m. Playoffs will be held on Wednesday, August 31.

"Corporate Challenge" team looking for more runners

Runners and joggers take note: David Jump of the Energy and Environment Division is still looking for runners to join him in forming one or more teams to represent the Lab in this year's San Francisco Corporate Challenge, a 5.6K foot race scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 11, at Justin Herman Plaza. Team possibilities include 5-man teams, 3-woman teams, and 2-man/2-woman coed teams. You may also sign up as an individual. Anyone interested in joining Jump should sign up by Monday, Aug. 1. The cost is $10 per person for those who sign up before Aug. 4. Contact Jump at X4679, or send e-mail to or

C A L E N D A R -- July 18 to July 22

18 m o n d a y


8 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 2-100B; Radiation Protection - Radiological Worker I (EHS-430) (concludes on Wednesday); pre-registration required, X6612


4 p.m., Bldg. 70A-3377; J. Cleymans, Univ. of Cape Town, "Thermal Equilibrium and Strange Particle Production"


4 p.m., Bldg. 50B-4205; C. Yi, Univ. of Pennsylvania, "Measurement of the Individual B Meson Lifetimes at CDF Using Semileptonic B Decays," Refreshments, 3:40 p.m.

19 t u e s d a y


8 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 70A-3377; Crane/Hoist Operator Training Level I (EHS-211); pre-registration required, X6612


8:30-10 a.m., Bldg. 90-3132; Forklift Truck Safety (EHS-225); pre-registration required, X6612


9-11:30 a.m., Bldg. 90-2063; Accident Reporting/Investigation (EHS-815); pre-registration required, X6612


9 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 90-3148; Lockout/Tagout (EHS-256); pre-registration required, X6612


Noon, Bldg. 90-1099


12:30 p.m., 375 Le Conte; B. Lange, Stanford Univ., "A High-Accuracy Gyroscope Test of General Relativity and the Search for a Massless Scalar Field"

20 w e d n e s d a y


8 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 2-100B; Radiation Protection - Radiological Worker I (EHS-430) (continued from Monday); pre-registration required, X6612


9-11:30 a.m.; Bldg. 66 Aud.; Introduction to Environment, Health & Safety at LBL (EHS-10)


9 a.m.-noon; Bldg. 48-109; Adult CPR (EHS-123); pre-registration required, X6554


Noon, lower cafeteria


Noon, Bldg. 50 Aud.; M. Piette, LBL, "Green Buildings: Increased Energy Efficiency Through Advanced Technology and Common Sense"


1-3:15 p.m., Bldg. 90-2063; Laser Safety (EHS-280); pre-registration required, X6612

21 t h u r s d a y


11 a.m., Bldg. 66 Aud.; R. Gronsky, LBL, "Materials Selection and Design: Making the Right Choice"

22 f r i d a y


10:30 a.m., Bldg. 71 Conf. Rm.; C. Caligaris, Continuum, "Recent Advances in Commercial Solid State Lasers: Optical Parametric Oscillators, Ti:Sapphire and Diode-Pumped Nd:YAG Lasers"



Fresh banana pancakes

Seafood jambalaya

Roast turkey breast

Hot pastrami & Swiss

South of the Border


Breakfast sandwich

Cream of mushroom

Beef ravioli

Tuna melt

Chicken stir-fry


Biscuits & gravy w/eggs

Vegetarian minestrone

Zesty stuffed pepper

Polish sausage on a roll

South of the Border


Blueberry pancakes

Creamy clam chowder

Rosemary chicken

Steak burger

Pizza singles


Ham scramble

Turkey chili

Tempura-fried fish

Grilled seafood salad

South of the Border


Flea Market ads may be sent via Lab mail to Bldg. 65B, electronic mail to, or via Fax to X6641. The deadline is 5 p.m. Friday.


'68 VW Bug, sunroof, radio/cass., 19K mi. on rebuilt eng., $2K. William Miller, 642-0653

'72 VW Squarebk, reliable, runs well, gd cond., $1500. Harvard Holmes, 526-5347

'82 DODGE Colt, manual trans., 130K mi., am/fm cass., $1K/b.o. Heidi, X4526

'83 HONDA Civic 1500S, hatchbk, 5-spd, 130K mi., blk/blk, runs exc., looks gd, $1275. Phil Rizzo, X5381, 236-9778

'84 CAVALIER sta. wgn, new trans-mission, gd eng., running great, $1200/b.o. Debbie, 524-1760

'84 PONTIAC Fiero, silver, new tires, sunroof, am/fm cass., 4-spd, a/c, luggage rack, PW, PD, 94K mi., $2200. Heidi, 939-0333

'84 TOYOTA Camry, 4-dr sedan, a/t, a/c, cruise, 103K mi., minor cosmetic damage, gd eng., moving out of state, avail. 8/2, $2200. Michael, 601-9210

'85 NISSAN Sentra, 115K mi., 2-dr, 5-spd, stereo, cass., CB radio, remote alarm, new clutch, breaks, battery & license, great cond., $2500. Nelson, 524-4454

'85 VW Rabbit, 5-spd, 90K mi., runs great, gd cond., leaving country, $2650. Rudi, X5712

'86 PONTIAC Fiero, red, a/t, a/c, am/fm cass, sunroof, exc. cond., very clean, like new, best offer. X7088

'88 DODGE Caravan SE, V-6, 7-pass., a/t, p/s, a/c, stereo, roof rack, silver, exc. cond., 72K, going back home, $7500. Jan, X5466, 843-6005 (eve.)

'90 DODGE Caravan FI, 4-cyl, p/s, p/b, a/c, 5-pass., clean, high mi., $6500/b.o./trade. 724-0570

CAR STEREO, Pioneer KEH5200, 2x25W or 4x15W, detachable face, auto-reverse, super tuner 3, $175/b.o. Stefan, X4555, 849-4531

CAR STEREO SPEAKERS, unused, still in box, Panasonic, 6-1/2", 60W, $20. Tom, X7882

SCOOTER, '87 Honda Elite 150, 2 Helmets, Kryptonite lock, $1K. Kaarin, X4041, 658-0360

SCOOTER, '87 Yamaha Riva Jog, red, runs great, used very little, only 5K mi., Kryptonite cable lock incl., $485. Mandeep, X4470 (msg.)

SCOOTER, Honda Elite, 250cc, 3K mi., like new, $1400. X6972, (415)564-7881

VW WHEELS, 15", 4 bolt, $6 ea.; 15" Bias tires, $10 or two for $18; carburetor 28 PICT, $12. 482-3030

WHEEL RIMS (2), Mazda, 13", silver color, w/hub covers, $20. X4646, 482-1739


FOSTER PARENTS for family of kittens, S.F. SPCA. (415)554-3080

HOUSE-SITTER, late July to early Aug. in Berkeley, some watering, refs. George, X5368

IN-HOME CHILD CARE for 6 mo. old girl, 3 days/wk, starting asap, Cent. Berkeley. Rich, X6192, Geri, 848-2321

MINI-TRAIL, Honda 50Z, '68-'70, any cond. Steve Lundgren, X7855, 682-6008

YOUNG PERSON, 15 to 17, to do odd jobs on Sat. or Sun., painting, gardening, work on cars, maybe remodel, must be sturdy, able to get to Montclair area in Oakland. 482-3030


AIR COMPRESSOR TANK, horizontal 80 gal. cap., tank is 57" long & 20" in dia., w/mounting bracket on top that is 12" by 31" long, $150.00. Jack Smith, X5901, 471-4921 (after 3:30 p.m.)

BED, twin sz., Simmons maxipedic, almost new, w/wicker headboard, $150; cube shelves, $30; answering machine, $25; 1950s desk/dresser w/chair, blk, $50; misc. household items. (415)626-8413

BEDROOM SET, girl's, Bassett, solid wood, Fr. Provincial, off-white w/gold trim, 6' dresser w/2X3 mirror, 5-drwr chest, night stand, $400; opt. twin bed w/caster frame, $50. Bob Lingo, X6492, 828-2863 (eve./wkend)

BICYCLE, Motobecane, men's road bike, 10-spd, lg. frame, $100. Martyn Smit, X5466, 843-6005

CASSETTE RECORDER/MIXER, 4-track, Tascam Porta05, fair cond., $150; guitar, Takamine 132S, solid top, classical, w/very gd hard case, like new, $400. X7604

CHAIR, Scand. Designs "Delta", blk, barely used, $30; futon, 84"x60", extra thick, exc. cond., $25; queen sz. futon frame, blk, $20. David, X6171, 525-6323

CHANDELIER, 5 lights, polished brass (Manuf. Hunter), with 52" ceiling fan, new $219, asking $100; chandelier, 5 lights, $30; futon, queen, $100; futon, full, $50 (both w/mattress). Andre or Simone, X6745, 559-8652

GUITAR, Guild T100D, hollow body, circa. 1965, mint cond., $800; Fender deluxe Reverb amp., circa 1965, recently recon., $300; bar stools (4), swivel back, heavy maple, 24" high, $125/set. Nick Armstrong, 938-7969

FREEZER, sm., under warranty, $170; Aerobic Stairmaster, Wilson, FM radio, headphones, calories control panel, almost new, $80; entertainment ctr, white melamine, $70; kitchen cart, 3 shelves, metal, outlets & cord ext., $30; twin bed, mattress & spring box, $25; 2 living rm hairs, fold into beds, $20; ofc. desk, 6' long, foldable, $20; Bissell carpet cleaner, in orig. box, $40; comforter & sheet set, full sz., never used, still wrapped, $85, Nelson, 524-4454

HOT WATER HEATER, 30 gal., propane, used 6 mos., like new, you carry, $85 firm. 482-3030

IBM 386 20mhz, 4mg ram, 100 mg hd, zoltrix modem/fax, no monitor, $450/b.o. Ed Rosenthal, X6190, 849-2228

JET SKI, '85 Kawasaki 440, S.S. prop, elec. bilge pump, pole spring, water bypass, flush kit, modified pump, milled head, ported cylinders, cover & cart, photos in cafeteria, $1,250. Ron, X6189, 516-1727

MOVING SALE, bdrm chest, dresser & bookcase, white melamine finish; teak desk, futon, Maytag washer & gas dryer, beige carpet, Eng. textbooks, all in exc. cond., make offer. 763-5566

PIANO w/bench, antique tiger oak, 1914 upright, ivory keys, looks & sounds great, $1850. Peter, X7337, 531-7837

SOFA, 7', w/matching armchair, solid oak frame, 3 matching beveled-glass coffee/end tables, casual, sturdy, great cond., $875/b.o. X6679, 814-9071

SUPER NINTENDO w/2 controllers, Super Mario Bros. & Super Smash TV games, exc. cond., $70. Sally or Chris, X5327, 528-4252

THERMAL PRINTER for HP41C w/orig. manuals, hardly used, $25; Moluccan cockatoo, young bird, very tame, exc. health, $700. X6972, (415)564-7881

TWIN BED, incl. mattress, box spring & frame, $15; desk, incl. sep. drwr compartments, matching TV cart & chair, $60/b.o.; dumbbells, over 100 lb. of plates, $20. Victor, 845-7520

WINDSURFER, Fanatic Viper, 11'4", 1801 volume, great beginner-transition board, semi-complete, $250/b.o.; Seagate 3144A IDE hard drive, 130 MB, $115/b.o.; RightWriter 4, grammar checker, $19/b.o.; Managing Your Money 9, $19/b.o.; coffee machine, 10 cups, $13/b.o.; Kasparov Chess computer, Companion 2150, complete w/board & pieces, $75/b.o. Reto, X4291, 865-2617

TV (2), 19", color, $30 ea. 778-7133

TV, RCA 19" Color Trak, $120/b.o. Debbie, 524-1760


ALAMEDA, furn., lg. 2-bdrm apt, nr beach, mall & bus, 2 mo. sublet & possibly longer, $650/mo. 865-1952

ALBANY, 3-bdrm, 1-bth house, kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, hardwd flrs, frpl, detachable garage, $1500/mo., 1st, last, cleaning dep. Kim, 525-8961, 525-8743 (FAX)

ALBANY, unfurn. 2-bdrm, 2-1/2 bth condo, frpls, sec. gate & garage, nr trans. & EC Plaza, no pets, non-smokers, avail. 8/1. Yongyop Kim, X5397, 524-4199

BERKELEY, nr Haste/Ellsworth, furn. 2-bdrm, 2-bth penthouse, piano, view, parking, elev., laundry, sec., avail. 7/16 - 8/31, $960/mo. w/furn. 524-8122

BERKELEY, partly furn. 3-bdrm, 1-bth house, recently remodeled, sep. living & dining rooms, lg. kitchen, off-st. parking, walking distance to UCB, avail. 9/1, $1200/mo. + dep. May, 642-5025, 843-6129 (eve. until 10 p.m.)

BERKELEY, Addison St., furn./unfurn. upstairs 1-bdrm apt, deck, parking, newly painted, very quiet area, about 20 min. walk to UC/LBL shuttle. 548-9869

BERKELEY, Piedmont nr Dwight Way, furn./unfurn. bdrms avail. in lg. rooming house, short/long term. 540-0385

BERKELEY, Hearst/Milvia, unfurn., lg. rm in 2-bdrm house, free parking & laundry, $475/mo. incl. utils. Maria, 841-6690 (eve.)

BERKELEY, suite in spacious, new, 2-bdrm apt, incl. all household appliances, semi-furn., share w/ present tenant, 10 min. walk from BART/LBL shuttle, avail. 8/6, $450/mo. + exp. Camilo, X6516, 845-5442

BERKELEY HILLS, 3-bdrm, 1-1/2 bth house, decks, bay view, frpl, washer/dryer, 1 blk from bus, pets OK, $1500/mo. Neville, X5423, 843-1643

NO. BERKELEY, quiet, unfurn. rm in 2-bdrm duplex house, pvt. bth, laundry, 10 min. walk to UCB, nr BART, parking, share w/present tenant, $340/mo. incl. utils. X5752

EL CERRITO, unfurn. 3-bdrm house, lg. backyd, no pets, non-smoker, avail. 8/1, $1050/mo. Yongyop Kim, 524-4199

EL SOBRANTE, part. furn. 2-bdrm, 1-bth condo, pvt. upstairs unit, Parkland view, drive to LBL thru Tilden Park, pool, tennis, sauna, laundry, avail. 8/1, $750/mo. Emily, X7979

KENSINGTON, self-contained, furn. 1-bdrm, 1-bth apt, deck, view, living rm w/frpl, den, modern kitchen, pvt. entrance, 1 person only, lease, avail. end of Aug., $725/mo. 527-0189

KENSINGTON, lg. 2-bdrm, 1-bath house, frpl, dishwasher, washer & dryer, yd, 3-bridge view, dining room, study, fruit trees, garage, nr Arlington Shopping Area, avail. from 7/23 negot. $1600/mo. 524-0961

KENSINGTON, furn., lg. rm. in 4-bdrm house, bay view, frpl, washer/dryer, nr bus stop & Tilden Park, $425/mo. 528-6953

OAKLAND, Linda Ave. (off Piedmont), professional woman seeks female roommate to share apt w/den, furn. living rm, bdrm, kitchen, laundry fac., sec. parking, sec. bldg., nr shopping, nr BART & bus, short/long term. 655-3295

OAKLAND, Glenview area, 1 mi. from Monclair, sublet, furn. 2-bdrm, 1-bth house, on quiet, safe, secluded cul de sac, nr bus line, all appliances incl. washer & dryer, TV, piano, dishes & linens, garage, $1K/mo. + utils., 1st, last & dep. req. C. Jones, 531-1541

RICHMOND, Marina Bay, 3-bdrm condo., 3 secure pking, 1 yr. lease or option to buy, $1050/mo.

WANTED: Single mother (LBL employee) & 6 yr. old daughter seek 2 bdrm home/apt. Willa, X4172

WANTED: Unfurn. 2-3 bedroom house/apt for visiting researcher from Vienna, wife & 2 children, pref. Claremont area, nr. good elem. school or No. Berkeley, Rockridge/Kensington, July/Aug. for 1 yr or longer, $1200-1600/mo. X5021


HERCULES, 2-bdrm, 2-bth suite, upstairs/downstairs townhouse, 2-car garage attached, frpl, sm. deck & yard, nr public trans., asking $138.5K. John, X4631, 718-0550


FOUND: Car keys, parking lot of Bldg. 90. X5410 for info.


CURTAIN RAIL, 7', complete w/cord & runners etc.; 2 shade blinds, white, metal, 6' & 8'. Andre or Simone, X6745, 559-8652



Mary Bodvarsson, X4014

Mac QuickMail, fax X6641


Jeffery Kahn

Mike Wooldridge

Lynn Yarris


Fax X6641

Deadline: 10:30 a.m. Tuesday


Fax X6641

Deadline: 5 p.m. Friday


Mary Padilla, X5771


Alice Ramirez


Public Information Dept., Bldg. 65B

Mike Chartock, Acting Manager