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February 9, 1996


Laboratory gains two new division directors

Nuclear Science, NERSC have new leadership

The appointments of two new division directors to Berkeley Lab's senior management team were announced this week by Laboratory Director Charles Shank.

Lee S. Schroeder, who has been acting division director for Nuclear Science since James Symons stepped down from the position last November, accepted the permanent appointment following a national search. Horst D. Simon, an international expert in high performance computing, began Monday as director of the newly established National Energy Research Scientific Computing (NERSC) Division.

"Our Laboratory is extremely fortunate to be gaining the leadership skills that Lee and Horst bring to us," Shank said. "I personally look forward to benefiting from their insights and their creativity as we move Berkeley Lab into a future filled with opportunity and promise."

Schroeder began his career at the Laboratory in 1971 in the Physics Division, and joined the Nuclear Science Division in 1977. His research is in the field of high-energy heavy-ion physics, and he was one of the first people to use the heavy ion capability of the Bevatron.

In 1976 he became scientific coordinator of the Bevalac, and served as scientific director in 1986-87 and 1989-91. In the intervening years, he was detailed to the Department of Energy's Nuclear Physics Division. In 1991, he returned to Washington to serve as assistant director for Physical Sciences and Engineering in the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Since returning to the Lab in 1992, he has served as the deputy project manager for the STAR detector for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), and has led the Lab's Pulsed Spallation Source Study.

"This is a critical time in the history of nuclear physics at our Laboratory, and we are extremely fortunate to have someone of Lee Schroeder's capabilities and record of outstanding accomplishments to provide the leadership that is needed," Shank said.

Simon comes to Berkeley Lab from Silicon Graphics Computer Systems in Mountain View, where he was research market development manager in the Advanced Systems Division. In that capacity since 1994, he established long-term beneficial relationships between Silicon Graphics and the advanced scientific computing user community, helping researchers bring the best computational solutions to bear on their problems. His new role includes similar responsibilities as he oversees the production computing activities at NERSC.

A student of the Technische Universitat of Berlin, Germany, and of the University of California, Simon received his Ph.D. in mathematics at Berkeley in 1982. In 1983, he joined Boeing Computer Services and in 1986 became Boeing's manager of the Computational Mathematics Group. From 1989 to 1994, he was manager of a research department for Computer Sciences Corporation, supporting the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Systems Division at NASA/Ames Research Center at Moffett Field.

From 1982 to 1983, he was an assistant professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics at SUNY Stony Brook.

Among his achievements, he received the Gordon Bell Prize in 1988 in recognition of superior effort in parallel processing research. His research interests are in the development of high performance algorithms for a wide variety of vector and parallel machines. He has been an invited speaker at numerous national and international conferences and has given tutorials on high performance computing.

"An evolving focus of Dr. Simon's career has been on bringing the best computational solutions to bear on the problems of academic and research laboratory scientists and establishing mutually beneficial relationships between designers and users of advanced scientific computing technology," Shank said. "He is uniquely well suited to assume responsibility for overseeing the production computing activities at NERSC."

The new NERSC Division is a key organizational element in the Laboratory's Computing Sciences area under the leadership of C. William McCurdy, who transferred from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory last November after the supercomputing center's move to Berkeley Lab was announced. Also included in the Computing Sciences area are the Information and Computing Sciences Division (ICSD), the Center for Computational Science and Engineering (CCSE), the Mathematics Department and the Networking and Telecommunications Department.

CAPTION: Lee S. Schroeder; Horst D. Simon


Black History Month

CAPTION: Storyteller Marijo entertains a Laboratory audience once again as part of the Laboratory's celebration of Black History Month. Her mixture of folk instruments and music, audience participation, and stories delighted the crowd assembled in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium on Feb. 6. The audience included more than 50 students from St. Joseph's School in Berkeley. Photo by Diane Tani


UC'S Hopper to speak

Cornelius Hopper, UC vice president for health affairs, will speak in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 13, as part of the Laboratory's celebration of Black History Month. His talk, "Black History Month: A Forty-Year Personal Retrospective," will bridge the early years of the Civil Rights movement with the current affirmative action debate. All employees are invited to attend.

Hopper has held his current post since 1979. His office handles policy matters relating to all health affairs within the UC system, including academic programs in the health professions schools, health services policies, and practices in the University's teaching hospitals.

While at UC, Hopper has organized and administered four major state-wide research programs on AIDS, tobacco-related disease, geriatrics and breast cancer. More than $150 million has been awarded to California researchers in these programs.

Prior to his arrival at UC, Hopper served eight years as vice-president for health affairs at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. While there, he was also an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of Alabama School of Medicine.

His clinical research includes demyelinating diseases and slow virus research. He has also served on the faculty and directed the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, Department of Neurology. Hopper is a 1960 graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.


Shank commends Livermore staff

In an awards ceremony held at Lawrence Livermore National Lab on Jan. 26, Berkeley Lab Director Charles Shank presented two Livermore employees with Outstanding Performance Awards for their work in procuring, at great savings, a Cray massively parallel computer for the National Energy Research Supercomputing Center (NERSC).

Derrol Hammer, a group leader in Livermore's Procurement Policy and Administration Division, and Lynn Rippe, a senior subcontract administrator in Information Resources, worked closely with NERSC personnel to work out a contract providing for the acquisition of the most advanced computer system technology available. Despite the fact that the $30 million, three-year project to acquire the computer began before the Department of Energy's decision to move NERSC to Berkeley Lab, Hammer and Rippe were able to bring the project to conclusion.

"These two deserve to be recognized for their heroic efforts in bringing this project to fruition," Shank said. "This is one more example of the cooperative spirit between Berkeley and Livermore."

CAPTION: Berkeley Lab Director Charles Shank presents Lawrence Livermore employee Lynn Rippe with an Outstanding Performance Award. He also gave Livermore's Derrol Hammer an OPA. The two were recognized for their efforts to procure a Cray computer for NERSC. Photo by Bryan Quintard


Research associates to vote on union

The University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) union currently is campaigning to represent research associates within the University of California system.

Beginning March 1, approximately 3,750 UC "research unit" employees, including 188 from Berkeley Lab, will vote by mail on whether UPTE will exclusively represent them.

The laboratory has organized a Labor Relations Steering Committee in order to provide employees with information during the election campaign. The committee, comprised of division representatives, is chaired by Joseph Klems of the Energy and Environment Division.

In order to conduct the election, UPTE submitted signatures on authorization cards from 30 percent of the research associates in the UC system. After 30 percent or more of the individuals in a unit sign authorization cards and the signatures are verified, an election is required. The election is initiated by the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB), an administrative body responsible for overseeing the labor laws under which the University and Laboratory operate.

According to Klems, in the next two months both Laboratory management and UPTE will be communicating with employees about union representation.

As required by law, LBL has given UPTE the laboratory addresses or, if authorized by the employee, the home addresses of research associates in the unit, allowing the union an opportunity to communicate with these employees. Klems said the Labor Relations Steering Committee plans to mount an educational campaign, meeting with employees and answering questions.


Storm-water season here

It seems that Mother Nature has again ordained a wet winter for the Bay Area. The Environmental Protection Group would like to remind lab personnel that Berkeley Lab has a California General Industrial Storm-water Permit administered by the Regional Water Quality Control Board and the City of Berkeley.

This permit and a local ordinance require that, with limited exceptions, only storm water be discharged down our storm drains. Exceptions include such things as irrigation or landscaping water, fire protection water, testing of safety showers and eyewashes, air conditioning condensate, flushing of water lines, and uncontaminated groundwater drainage systems.

Things such as garbage of any kind, cooling water, water from concrete sawing, leftover chemicals, or any fluids other than water should never be put down the storm drains.

To report spills or releases of substances other than storm water, including hazardous materials, eroding hillsides, or construction dirt, or for more information, contact Ginny Lackner at X7413.


Lab Life

Cheyenne Erin Clarke was born to Nancy Fleischauer of ISS and Chris Clarke on Oct. 27, 1995. She was 7 lbs., 13 oz., and 20 inches at birth. Nancy says her older daughter Julie is thrilled to have a little sister.




Nobel laureate and Berkeley Lab Associate Director-at-Large Glenn T. Seaborg, who grew up in a poor section of Los Angeles, recently spoke to students at the Thurgood Marshall High School in San Francisco as part of the "Distinguished Speakers Series." Started by Shoumen Datta, development director for San Francisco's public schools, this series is touted as the first California program to bring Nobel laureates into the schools. "In a society where sports and entertainment preoccupy most adolescents, it may be worthwhile to infuse some enthusiasm for less glamorous but vital forces of civilization-- like education," Datta says. The 83-year-old Seaborg urged his inner-city audience of 14- and 15-year-olds to give science a try. Students later told reporters they were most impressed by the fact that Seaborg has met with every U.S. president since Franklin Roosevelt.


On Feb. 5, President Clinton released a thematic overview of his FY97 budget and promised details in March. Throughout the overview, the President repeatedly stressed that federal investments in science and technology would be a priority. Though he made no mention of funding for the national laboratories, he did call for a balanced mix of basic and applied research, and technology development including cooperative projects with private industry and universities. The text of this budget speech may be viewed on the World Wide Web at


Using a massively parallel computer, scientists at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center performed what is believed to be history's largest single calculation and identified a partial rate of decay for the subatomic particle known as a gluon. Carriers of the "strong" force that binds quarks together, gluons are also known as "glueballs." It took two years and some 400 million billion number-crunching operations for the IBM scientists to determine a gluon decay rate. Even then, the calculation is considered to be an approximation, but one that provides further support for the prevailing theory on nuclear interactions known as "quantum chromodynamics," or QCD.


The "Fifth First Annual Ig-Nobel Prize Ceremony" was held recently at Harvard University. Co-sponsored by the Harvard Computer Society and the Tangents math bulletin, the 10 prizes were awarded to individuals whose achievements "cannot or should not be reproduced." The contest was staged by the "Annals of Improbable Research." The prize in physics was won for an analysis of soggy breakfast cereal. A study entitled "The Effects of Unilateral Forced Nostril Breathing on Cognition," published in the "International Journal of Neuroscience," won the prize in medicine; and in psychology, Japanese researchers won the prize for successfully training pigeons to discriminate between the paintings of Picasso and Monet.


February 12-23

Calendar of Events at Berkeley Lab


The Berkeley Lab Calendar is published biweekly here on the World Wide Web and in Currents by the Public Information Department. Employees can list a meeting, class, or event in the Calendar by using this submission form. The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. on Monday in the week that Currents is published.

In addition to the events listed below, Berkeley Lab's Washington, D.C. Projects office is hosting a Science and Technology Seminars series. 

Scientific Conferences


MON., FEB. 12


Lockout/Tagout Training (EHS 256) at 9-11 a.m. in Bldg. 51-201

Pre-registration is required. To pre-register, send a fax to X4072 with your name, employee ID number, extension, and class name, date & code, or call X5999.


General meeting at noon in the lower cafeteria.


"An East Asia Regional Compact for the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy" will be presented by Jor-Shan Choi of LLNL/Stanford University at 3:30 p.m. in 3105 Etcheverry; refreshments, 3:15 p.m.


"Black Hole Condensation and Duality in String Theory" will be presented by Andrew Strominger of UCSB at 4:30 p.m. in 1 Le Conte.

TUES., FEB. 13


Radiation Protection - Fundamentals (EHS 400) at 2:30-5 p.m. in Bldg. 51-201


Cornelius Hopper, UC vice president for health affairs, will speak on "Black History Month: A Forty-Year Personal Retrospective" at noon in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium. All employees are invited to attend.


Phillip Burrows of MIT will speak at 4 p.m. in Bldg. 70A-3377, title to be announced; refreshments, 3:40 p.m.

WED., FEB. 14


Crane/Hoist (Level 1) Training for Incidental Operators (EHS 211) at 8 a.m.-noon in Bldg. 70A-3377

Recertification for Crane/Hoist (Level1) (EHS 216) at 8-10 a.m. in Bldg. 70A-3377

Fire Extinguisher Use (EHS 530) at 10-11:30 a.m. in Bldg. 48-109


General meeting at noon in the lower cafeteria.


12:10-1 p.m., Bldg. 2-100.



"Anomalous Stabilization of CO Adsorption on Cu(100) by Atomic

Coadsorbates" will presented by Tong Leung of the University of Waterloo, Canada, at 1:30 p.m. in the Bldg. 66 Auditorium.


Eyal Maoz of UCB will speak on "Structure and Dynamics in the Central Sub-Parsec Region of the Galaxy NGC4258" at 4 p.m. in 1 Le Conte; refreshments, 3:30 p.m., 661 Campbell Hall.


"Evidence for Neutrino Oscillations" will be presented by Fred J. Federspiel from LANL at 4 p.m. in Bldg. 50A-5132; refreshments, 3:40 p.m.

FRI., FEB. 16


Introduction to EH&S Safety at LBL (EHS 010) at 9-11:30 a.m. in Bldg. 51-201; pre-registration not required.

Radiation Protection - Lab Safety (EHS 432) at 2-5 p.m. in Bldg. 51-201

MON., FEB. 19


TUES., FEB. 20


WED., FEB. 21


Crane/Hoist (Supplemental) for Incidental Operators (EHS 212), 8 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 70A-3377

Adult CPR (EHS 123), 9 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 48-109

Recertification for Supplemental Crane/Hoist (Level 1) (EHS 213), 1-3 p.m., Bldg. 70A-3377



"Reactions of Methyl Radicals on Oxides and Metals" will presented by Charles Mims of the University of Toronto, Canada, at 1:30 p.m. in the Bldg. 66 Auditorium.


"Results from the ORFEUS-I Mission" will be presented by Mark Hurwitz of UCB at 4 p.m. in 1 Le Conte; refreshments, 3:30 p.m., 661 Campbell Hall.


"Recent Electroweak Results from CCFR" will be presented by Kevin McFarland from FNAL at 4 p.m. in Bldg. 50A-5132; refreshments, 3:40 p.m.

FRI., FEB. 23


"The Next Generation Photoinjector" will be presented by Dennis Palmer of SLAC at 10:30 a.m. in the Bldg. 71 Conference Room.


UCLGBA conference

The Seventh Annual Conference and General Assembly of the UC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Association is scheduled for Feb. 16-18 on the UC Berkeley campus. The conference, "Queer Safe Space: Scholarship and Solidarity in an Age of Diversity," will be hosted by UCB with co-sponsorship by Berkeley Lab's Work Force Diversity Office and LGBA.

Students, faculty, and staff from all UC campuses, laboratories, and UC Office of the President are invited to participate.

For a program and registration information, contact the Diversity Office, X4130, or Brennan Kreller, X6566.


Parking restricted west of Bldg. 50 complex

Parking will be restricted on the west side of the Bldg. 50 complex from Monday, Feb. 12, through Friday, April 12. Parking in the 50B, 50E, 50F, and 70A areas will only be permitted by the following: Roadside parking up to the south end of the Bldg. 50 complex, and parking at the 50 complex west entrance will be closed to all vehicles.

For more information, contact Kirk Haley at X5973.


Dining Center -- February 12-16


F l e a M a r k e t

Flea Market ads may be sent via e-mail to, Fax to X6641, or Lab mail to Bldg. 65B. The deadline is 5 p.m. Friday.


'66 PORSCHE 912 basket, zero mi. on modified engine, perfect body, powder-painted parts, no rust, $2500. Bill, 527-3788

'72 PORSCHE 914, 1.71 liter, Targa, gd mechanics, needs cosmetics, $1250. Bill, 527-3788

'82 TOYOTA Corolla SR-5, hatchbk, 3-dr, 96K mi., a/c, AM-FM, $1200/b.o. X7733, 526-5809

'85 HONDA Civic wgn, 157K mi., 5-spd, gd cond. but needs valve & carb work, $2450. X6678, 376-9630

'85 TOYOTA van, well-maint. (w/records), gd engine & appearance, new tires, radiator & clutch, many miles, no back seats (for cargo), $2K/.b.o. Judy, X6540, 631-6642

'85 VW Golf, 5-spd, 4-dr w/hatchbk, 93K mi., gd cond., reliable, $2500/b.o. Ephraim, 532-3778

'87 MERCURY Lynx, needs clutch & battery, gd engine & tires, 70K mi., $800/b.o. 635-4417, (after 6 p.m.)

'89 HYUNDAI Excel, 4-dr, 80K mi., AM/FM cass., p/s, p/b, new tires, clutch & belts, silver, runs great, $1390. Edas, X7780, 848-6137, 849-1147

'89 TOYOTA pickup, 4x4, 5-spd, w/camper shell, great cond., $5500. X7176

'90 VW Jetta GL, Wolfsburg edition, orig. owner, 4-dr, 5-spd, pullout stereo, sunrf, low mi., garaged, exc. cond., $7K. John, 531-1739 (eve.)

'92 GEO Metro hatchbk, 5-dr, 60K mi., a/t, a/c, AM/FM, garaged, great cond., $4800/b.o. 528-4158

MOTORCYCLE, '82 Yamaha Seca 650, exc. cond., $1800. Judy, X6540, 631-6642

SCOOTER, '86 Honda Elite 80, 9K mi., stored 3 yrs., was in gd. cond. when stored, needs new battery & probably carburetor cleaning, as is, $100. 525-9344 (eve.)


JACKSON BROWNE, 2/17, at Caesar's in Lake Tahoe, 2 tickets, paid $50/ea., best offer. Barbara, X4026, 522-4905 (eve.)


AUTOMOBILE, Toyota Corolla or Tercel, '85-'93, a/t, fuel injection. Paul, X4942

INFORMATION regarding Berkeley HS 1986 graduates for ten year reunion planning committee. Alicea, 849-3321

VEHICLE STORAGE SPACE, covered, East Bay. Bill, 527-3788


BEAN BAG CHAIRS (3), lg., red cloth, exc. cond., $20 ea. H. Matis, X5031, 540-6718

CAMERA LENS for Canon EOS, autofocus, Tamron AF 200-400mm f/5.6 zoom, complete w/tripod foot, custom lens hood & Tamron AF 1.4X & 2X tele-extenders, all 2 mos. old, like-new cond., orig. boxes & documentation, cost $880 new, asking $700. Sandy, X6045, 687-0612 (eve.)

CD/CASSETTE STAND, black, gd as new, $50/b.o. Rob, X4213, 652-3621

COMPUTER, 586 PCI 100 MHz, 8MB Ram, 540 MB H.D.D., 1.44 F.D.D., 2X CD Rom, sound card, PCI SVGA card w/1 MB, 14" SVGA monitor, mouse, keyboard, $1300; w/o monitor, $1150, super fast Windows 95 machine. Paul, X6985, 841-1241

COMPUTER, PC-AT 286, 10MHz, 640K, 32MB HD, 5.25" floppy, 2400 baud modem, amber monochrome EGA monitor, $150/b.o. D. Merrill, X5063, 549-0914

CRIB, white, w/mattress, sheets, extras, exc. cond., $125. Steve, X7702, Suzanna, 643-0269 (days), 655-6616 (eve.)

DINING ROOM SET, oval table w/4 leaves, seats up to 16, hand-carved French Provincial, circa 1950, 6 chairs, 2 arm chairs, china cabinet w/decorative wire front & 3 drwrs, matching server on wheels w/extension flaps, $5800 value, will sell set for $2K. Bill, 527-3788

DISHWASHER, built-in, GE, works well on all cycles. $50/b.o.; audio/video rack-style cabinet, 6' tall, 30" wide, 12" deep, 4 adj. height shelves, 2 glass, wood finish, 2 units avail., $60 ea./b.o. Philip, X6583

DRYER, elec., apt sz., Sears Kenmore, 115 volts AC, works well, $60. Sam, X5457

GOLF CLUBS, set of "Sting", used twice, irons are 2 thru sand wedge, 3 metal woods, swing weight D-1, stiff shafts, standard grips, cost $650 new, sell for $450 firm. Kathy, 837-7062 (eve.)

FUTON, queen sz., solid wood frame w/ethnic print mattress & cover, $325; dining table w/4 chairs, $150; bookcase, PVC, $10; ironing board, $10, all less than 9 mos. old, exc. cond. prices negot.; antique writing table w/chair & sm. writing table, $60 (negot.). 528-4158

JUICE EXTRACTOR, wheat/grass, almost new, w/orig. carton, paid $150, asking $85. Anne/Peter, X7337, 531-7837

LIFT TICKET VOUCHERS, Squaw Valley, reg. $45, $40; men's ski boots, Nordica, blk, sz. 11, gd cond., $125; ladies ski jumpsuit, white w/other colors, sz. 10, $60; mountain bike, Cannondale V700, over $1400 new, exc. cond., $860; water filters, NSA, models 50C & 100S. Marek, X5029, 582-5867

MOUNTAIN BIKE, `95 Schwinn full suspension, 18", all XT components, FSX rock shox, like new, $1300/b.o. Rick, X5710

PRINTER, Apple Stylewriter II, brand new, barely used, orig. box, cables, spare ink, $120/b.o.; wet suit, 2 pc., 5 mm dive suit, XL, $100/b.o. Ben, X5627, 256-2722

RECLINER, $25/b.o. Julie, X4583, 232-6919

TELEVISION, 20" RCA w/remote, '92 model, $150. Steve, X6966

TOASTER-OVEN, GE countertop, seldom used, 7 yr. old, $40; color TV, Hitachi 13", $50; stereo tuner, Luxman T117, $275; A/V receiver, Harmon-Kardon AVR20MkII, top rated, $350; men's golf shoes, Converse, all leather, 8/9D, used once, $25; putter, unused, paid $45, $25. Dave, X4506

TRAVELER'S GUIDE, Mexico, '96 edition, like new, $20 new, asking $12. Martin, X4081

VOLLEYBALL NET, full set, new, $30. Edas, X7780, 848-6137, 849-1147


ALBANY, furn. 2-bdrm, 1-bth house, sunny, frpl, laundry, lg. kitchen, off st. parking, nr Solano & schools, walk to Monterey Mkt. & Cafe Roma, avail. 3/1, min. 6 mo. lease, $1300/mo. (negot.) + util. & 1 mo. dep. Nick, X6314

ALBANY, share newly renovated 2-bdrm house w/1 other woman, nr Solano Ave., sunny, hardwd flrs, kitchen, garden, washer/dryer hookups, allergy-free household, $505/mo. + util. & dep. Nance, 559-9296

BERKELEY, furn. 1-bdrm apt, avail. thru the end of '96, short term only, $650/mo. + utils. & 1 mo. dep. X7276, 548-4832

BERKELEY, furn. 2-bdrm house, nr No. Berkeley BART, 15 min. walk to LBL shuttle, short term (3/3 - 4/28), $1115/mo. X5205

BERKELEY, 2 rms avail. in furn. home, nr UCB & Rose Garden, washer/dryer, views, frpl, hot tub, decks, avail. 3/1, $450 & $500/mo. David, 525-4470

BERKELEY, share 2-bdrm house, nr No. Berkeley BART, yd, patio, washer/dryer, cable, prefer female non-smoker, $390/mo. + util. 849-0728

NO. BERKELEY, nr Rose & Shattuck, 1-bdrm avail. in 2.5-bdrm apt, share w/1 other person, walk to trans., UC, LBL shuttle & shops, laundry & sauna in bldg. 849-3321

NO BERKELEY, furn. lg. rm in 4-bdrm house, bay view, shopping, bus stop, parking, $425/mo. 528-6953

NO. BERKELEY, nr Rose & MLK, furn. 1-bdrm unit, avail. 3/1, furn. & equipped, $650/mo. 527-1358

NO. BERKELEY, nr Rose & MLK, 3-bdrm house, sublet for the month of April, nr shopping & trans., $1100. 527-1358

CASTRO VALLEY, roommate needed for home, lg. bdrm w/pvt bth, laundry & kitchen privs., rent + dep. negot. Marek, X5029, 582-5867

CONCORD, 1-bdrm condo, upper unit, new carpet/paint, pool, deck, laundry fac., nr hwys 4 & 242, walk to BART, water, garbage, basic cable, refs req'd, $575/mo. + dep. (negot.). Martin/Bobbie, 370-6002

HERCULES, 2-bdrm, 2-bth townhouse, w/all amenities, nr trans., schools, etc., 2-car enclosed garage. John, X4631, 709-0220 (eve.)

RICHMOND ANNEX, Bayview, 2-bdrm, 1-bth, frpl, hardwd flrs, lg. yd, $1235/mo. D. Merrill, X5063, 525-7798

SAN LEANDRO, Assumption Dist., rm for rent (2 ea.), shared housing, nr hwy 580, no pets/alcohol, $425/mo., utils. incl. Marilyn, 351-2288

WANTED: rm nr UCB for visiting scholar, from 2/14 - 6/30. Senta, 524-4654

WANTED: 1-2 bdrm house, No. Berkeley/Berkeley Hills for quiet LBL couple, great references, non-smokers, willing to sign long lease for right house/apt, $800 range. Erik, X6435, 595-1558

WANTED: furn. house/apt for visiting teacher & wife (no children), 6/23-8/23, East or No. Bay Area, willing to commute to LBL; also willing to exchange home nr Boston (Marblehead, MA). Karin, X5513, Michael, (617) 631-6860


SO. LAKE TAHOE, Tahoe Keys, 3-bdrm, 2.5-bth house, W/D, mountain & water views, XC & downhill skiing nearby. Bob, 376-2211

SO. LAKE TAHOE, The Ridge, exc. view, slps 6, pool, hot tub, ski in/out at Heavenly, avail. 2/17-23. Todd, 339-8268


LOST: 2 sm. potted plants behind Bldg. 71 east entrance on 1/29, please return to bldg., no questions asked, sentimental value. Olivia, X5792


KITTEN, to gd home, sweet gray & white female. Maggie, X7428, (408) 926-3218


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