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Frequently Asked Questions from All Hands Meetings


Question Categories

Question Themes


A.  What is the background, timeline and approach of the Listening Project?

1.   What prompted this project?

2.   What is the timeline for this project?

3.   How will the relationships/dynamics between Operations and Science be addressed?



B.  What are the definitions of key terms related to this project?

4.   How is the lab defining Diversity?

5.   How is the lab defining Inclusion?

6.   How do you define bullying?

7.    How do you define listening?

C.  How will the integrity of this process be ensured?      


8.   Is a random sample of 45 people inclusive?

9.   Who will not be heard? How can everyone be heard? How can everyone feel they have a part in this work?

10.   Will people’s anonymity really be protected?

11.   Can people really trust this process enough to share openly without fear of retaliation?

D.  How committed is Senior Leadership and Management to this work and what does that commitment look like?

12.  Are Lab and Operations Leadership really committed to doing what it takes to increase diversity and inclusion? 

13.   Is leadership willing to change?

14.   Is this an effort that Leadership is committed to sustaining for the long term? What is the plan for sustainability?

15.   How will the lab’s goals and the goals and outcomes of this project feed into one another?

E.   How can we change, do better, and build skills?

16.  How can we change our own or others’ attitudes and behaviors?

17.  Will training be offered, and if so, what kind?

F.   What have we learned from past initiatives?

18.   What have we learned from past D&I initiatives at the Lab?

19.   What have we learned from other organizations that used this approach?  What successes have they experienced as a result of the project?

G.  What will really result from these Listening Sessions?

20.   What are the goals of this project? How do you define and measure success for the Listening Project?

21.   Will this be different? Will anything really change?

22.    How will listening create a culture of diversity and inclusion?

23.    How will this benefit me, my job, my group, the lab?

24.    Will past incidents be dealt with?

25.    What happens after the Listening Sessions are completed? What will you do with what you hear? What is the long-term plan?

26.    How will the results of this project be communicated?




Last updated: March 26, 2015