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Working with an x-ray microscope is pretty cool, but another cool part of John Brown's job is sharing his knowledge with others. Sometimes groups of students and teachers come to visit the ALS, and John Brown is happy to show others what he's working on. John has been an avid scientist for as long as he can remember, and he loves sharing his interest in science. His enthusiasm for science has led him to be involved in many educational outreach activities at the ALS.

In the above picture, he is introducing students to the x-ray microscope on beamline 6.1.2 at the ALS. These students from Venice High School in Los Angeles won the 1996 National Science Bowl Championship and chose to visit the ALS for a week as their prize. Under the direction of John Brown and others, the Science Bowl winners were able to participate in experiments done on this beamline.

John Brown also took the time to explain his work to teachers. In the picture below, he is participating in the 1996 ALS workshop for teachers, "Adventures in Light and Science." While demonstrating how experiments are done with the x-ray microscope at the ALS, he showed teachers how this kind of information could be incorporated into their science classes.


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