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About the Authors

These interactive biographies are created by and for students. They serve as examples of what people do at the ALS, showing the broad range of possible science-related jobs. We welcome your comments about The Bright & The Busy, one recent addition to MicroWorlds.

Andie Macfie

While a senior at San Francisco's University High School, Andrea Macfie designed the biography format and wrote the first set of biographies as part of a summer research program at Berkeley Lab.

Corinne Seaton

Corinne Seaton continued the work of developing new biographies as a student consultant to the Advanced Light Source during her senior year at Oakland High School.

Dana Nelson spent the summer before her senior year at Oakland's Skyline High School working at Berkeley Lab. She wrote more biographies and helped to develop the eXperiment Files which look at current malaria research being done at the Advanced Light Source.

Erin Skidmore continues to update MicroWorlds with new biographies for The Bright & the Busy and is developing a new series, ALS Students' Corner , which will feature articles from students about what it is like to work at the Advanced Light Source. She recently graduated from Head-Royce School in Oakland and is now a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley.

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