The brightest synchrotron light at the ALS comes from undulators (located in the straight sections of the storage ring) that contain over one hundred magnetic poles lined up in rows above and below the electron beam. The magnets force the electrons into a snake-like path, so that the light from all the curves adds together. Although they are about 4.5 meters long and weigh about 40,000 pounds, the undulators have to be built to extreme precision. Many of the design tolerances are approximately 50 microns, less than the width of a human hair. Wigglers are similar to undulators but have fewer magnetic poles.


  The photo shows one undulator installed in a straight section of the storage ring (lower left), and another undulator being moved above the storage ring shielding to its final location in another part of the ring. The booster synchrotron to storage ring transfer line is visible in the lower right.

ALS Components

The Advanced Light Source--A Tool for Solving the Mysteries of Materials


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