1-HMT-3522 cells medium composition



H14 Medium  composition



 Add to DMEM/F12  medium the following additives



                         Stock reagents

Vol. in 10 ml

                                                 Final conc.


4° C       -20° C


100 mg/ml

25 ml

250 ng/ml

1 mo

5 mo


20 mg/ml

5 ml

10 mg/ml

1 mo

3 mo

Sodium Selenite

2.6 mg/ml

10 ml

2.6 ng/ml

1 wk

1 mo


10-7 M

10 ml

1010 M

3 mo

6 mo


1.4x10-3 M

10 ml

1.4x10-6  M

1 mo

6 mo


1 mg/ml (30u/ml)

50 ml

5 mg/ml

1 mo

6 mo

EGF (S1 only)

20 mg/ml

5 ml

10 ng/ml

2 wk

3 mo


The additives we supplement DMEM/F12 media (GibcoBRL #12400-024) with to produce H14 medium are purchased from the following vendors.  Please note that EGF is only for H14 medium for S1 cells; T4-2 cells do not require EGF.  The paper that describes how to made the media additives is entitled “Cell Differentiation by Extracellular Matrix Components” by R. J. Blaschke, A. R. Howlett, P. Deprez, O. W. Petersen, and M. J. Bissell, found in Methods in Enzymology 245:535-569.  If you cannot obtain a copy, we can fax one to you.



Ingredients                    Vendor                         Catalog number


Insulin                           Sigma                           I-6634

Transferrin (Human)            Sigma                           T-2252

Sodium Selenite            Collab. Research            40201

Estradiol                       Sigma                           E-2758

Hydrocortisone              Sigma                           H-0888

Prolactin                       Sigma                           L-6520

(or can obtain from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK))

EGF                             Collab. Research            40001