Carter and Reagan

Dr. Seaborg with President Carter and Ted Turner Rosalynn Carter President Ford, President Carter, President Nixon, and Admiral Rickover, 1983

I knew Jimmy Carter. He was a nuclear engineer, of course. Here I am with him at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Achievement in Minneapolis in 1984. This is Ted Turner, who is the head of CNN. Here is Rosalynn Carter at the American Academy of Achievement dinner. In 1987 there was a farewell dinner for Admiral Rickover; and here's Nixon and Carter and Ford at that dinner, which was attended by my wife Helen and me.

Meeting of the national Commission on Excellence in Education with President Reagan Dr. Seaborg holding up a blow up of the cover of the report A Nation at Risk with President Reagan

I was appointed as a member of the National Commission on Excellence in Education that came out with the report, A Nation at Risk. Here we are meeting with President Reagan at the time we gave him our report. Here I am with President Reagan with a mock-up of the report. I'm not so sure he knew what we were talking about.

Helen Seaborg and President Reagan Mrs. Ingrid Carlsson, the wife of Swedish Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson, greets Dr. Seaborg; in the background is Nancy Reagan

Here we are at one of the White House dinners; my wife Helen shaking hands with President Reagan, and here I am with Nancy Reagan.