Not to Forget Anyone...

Frank Asaro, Iz Perlman, and Frank Stevens Isadore Perlman, Margaret and Bernard Harvey, Jack Hollander in 1953. Louise and John Rasmussen and Marian Diamond at Glenn T. Seaborg's Nuclear Chemistry Division party in 1958.

Here are just a few interesting shots taken in the 50s. First Frank Asaro, Iz Perlman, and Frank Stevens. Helen and I used to give a garden party every year and people had cameras there. Here we are with Iz Perlman, Margaret and Bernie Harvey, and Jack Hollander. Here we are with Louise and John Rasmussen and Marian Diamond. Here are Jane and Ken Street, and David and Lilo Templeton.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Street, Mr. and Mrs. David Templeton on September 4, 1960. Rose McFarland, Ken Moody, and Glenn T. Seaborg in control room of 88-inch cyclotron on October 1, 1981.

Here is just an example of a couple of my graduate students when I came back from Washington. Ken Moody, Rose McFarland with me in the control room of the 88-inch cyclotron.
LBL Nuclear Chemistry Program Committee. John Rasmussen, Albert Ghiorso, Joseph Cerny, Kenneth Street, Norman Edelstein, Frank Asaro, Earl Hyde, Arthur Poskanzer, David Shirley, GTS, Frank Stephens, Richard Diamond, David Hendrie, Jack Hollander, Bernard Harvey, David Templeton, Sheila Saxby, Luciano Moretto, and Norman Glendenning.

We had a planning group meeting every couple of weeks and here is an example of one of these with a large number of people: Ken Street, Earl Hyde, Joe Cerny, Dave Shirley, Norm Edelstein, Art Poskanzer, John Rasmussen, myself, Dick Diamond, David Hendrie, Jack Hollander, Frank Stephens, Bernie Harvey, Dave Templeton and Norman Glendenning. I think I got them all.

50th anniversary of plutonium. Glenn T. Seaborg and his students on February 23, 1991.
Here is a group of my students that came back for the 50th anniversary celebration of the discovery of plutonium. It was February of 1941. They came back about the same time, February 21st or so of 1991 for the 50th anniversary, and here we are in this auditorium. A number of the people there... Dick Hoff, Jack Hollander, Ken Street, Tom Morgan, Trish Baiden, Roger Batzel, Paul Donovan, Art Wahl, Gerhart Friedlander, Bob Silva, John Rasmussen, Robert Welch, Don Orth, Phil Wilmarth, David Morrissey, Dick Diamond, Ken Gregorich, and Pat McGaughey.