A Time for Work and a Time for Play

Lawrence party group, Yamato Hotel, San Francisco, approximately 1938: R. Sagane, Ernest O. Lawrence, H. Walke, H. Newton, J. Cork, J. Laslett, R. Thorton, E.M. McMillan, G. Paxton, P. Aebersold, L. Emo, B. Kinsey, V. Voorhis, Lyman, Richardson, Yasaki, Snell, Livingood, Cooksey, Kurie. LBL party at DiBiasi's, 860 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, California. Clockwise around the table: Ernest O. Lawrence, Betty (Mrs. Charlton) Cooksey, Vannevar Bush, Molly (Mrs. Ernest) Lawrence, Alfred Loomis, Dorothy Axelrod, Helen Griggs, Charlton Cooksey, David Sloan, and S. Mrozowski.
We had a lot of parties in those days. Here's one where you can see a number of the people. It includes Jack Livingood and Don Cooksey, Ed McMillan, Bob Thornton, Paul Aebersold, Ernest Lawrence, and so forth. That was in 1938. Here's a party held in 1940. I like to show this picture because, besides Lawrence and Vannevar Bush, and Alfred Loomis, and so forth, here's a girl named Helen Griggs sitting over there. I had met her as early as 1938 but I didn't have enough nerve to begin dating her until 1941. Actually, she was going with somebody else at the time this picture was taken.

Paul Aebersold
Here's a picture of Paul Aebersold taken about that time. I include his picture because he was the one who sort of arranged these dinner parties, of which I showed you the two examples on the previous slides. He then went on and after the war became the head of the isotopes distribution of the Atomic Energy Commission. He moved to Washington and worked with me when I was chairman of the AEC.