Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Tennessee

ORNL is a world-class, wide-ranging scientific R&D institution thanks to its technical accomplishments, outstanding staff, extensive facilities, diverse programs, and broad collaborations. The 5,100-member ORNL staff represents an unusually wide range of disciplines, and includes 1,500 scientists and engineers. ORNL hosts more than 4,000 guest scientists per year, representing 250 companies and universities, as well as over 20,000 students and several hundred teachers. ORNL core competencies include:

Supporting these core competencies are facilities and capabilities unavailable elsewhere, such as the:

Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL), Washington State

PNL and its 4,000-member staff are located on the Hanford Site, a factor which heavily influences the Lab's technical composition. PNL entered the DOE Multiprogram Laboratory System in 1986, well-positioned to shift focus from support of defense production to environmental issues and cleanup. DOE and PNL management committed to establish a world-class fundamental science base in bioscience, chemistry, chemical physics and process science, directly related to the nation's environmental problems. PNL possesses three core competencies:

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), New Mexico

Sandia is a systems engineering laboratory. It was created in 1949 to team industrial management and government experience in the design of deployable nuclear weapons as well as the surety and reliability of the nuclear weapons stockpile.

Sandia is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in Livermore, California, with the New Mexico site being the larger facility. Sandia operates a wide variety of technical and user facilities, the collection of which constitutes one of the world's premier research, development, and testing complexes. The staff of 8,500 employees performs work for DOE national security programs (about 50% of laboratory effort), DOE energy and environmental programs (about 25%) and work for other federal agencies (25%). Ninety percent of the work for other federal agencies is for DoD.

Sandia's core competencies include the following research foundations and integrated capabilities:

Research Foundations:

Integrated Capabilities:

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