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Welcome to LBNL's CUCSA Website!

LBNL's CUCSA mission is to enhance communication from the University of California in matters of interest that promote/affect/connect with the breadth of work-life issues at Berkeley Lab. Click here to read more about CUCSA at Berkeley Lab.

Upcoming Local Events

Health, Wellness, and Retirement Calendar. Look for an event hosted by the Human Resources Department, this month.

LBNL Calendar. Look for current and on-going activities throughout LBNL.

Staff Opinions Matter

Staff Opinion Matters includes information from the UCOP Newsroom with information about Staff and news that impact all UC Staff. Click here to subscribe. Information will be sent by the current CUCSA delegates. 

LBNL Delegates (2013-2014)

Ellen Ford, Sr. Delegate More…

Piotr Zyla, Jr. Delegate More…

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