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Preparing for Your Intern



Contact Intern

We've asked interns to contact you to ask for background material or just to get acquainted.  Sometimes interns are reticent, so if you do not hear from your interns go ahead and email or call. 

We encourage you to do the following to get acquainted with your intern:

  • "Friend" them on Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Arrange for the intern to visit one day as a guest to get acquainted with the lab site, to meet others in your group and to complete the JHA prior to orientation.
    • Note: Workforce Development & Education interns can NOT begin work prior to attending orientation.

Mentor Resources

Please review Workforce Development & Education Mentor Handbook to learn more about Workforce Development & Education's expectations for mentors:

Please ask to join the Workforce Development & Education LBNL Mentors facebook group to connect with other mentors and learn about additional STEM programs and opportunities:


Undergraduate Internship Calendar (BLUR, CCI, SULI, VFP Student)

IISME Internship Calendar


Affiliate Process

Workforce Development & Education processes all Workforce Development & Education interns via the LBNL Guest Affiliate Registry, please DO NOT initiate affiliate processing through your group/division. LDAP, email and calendar accounts will be established for interns by Workforce Development & Education.


WPC: All interns must be added to work activities within the Work Planning and Control system (Activity Manager) that covers the scope of the work that the interns will perform.  Interns should discuss this process with mentors via phone before they arrive at the lab.  Interns must “accept conditions” and complete all training before they are authorized to perform any work. (Please note interns will need LDAP, username and password to access Activity Manager.)


  1. Work with your intern to delineate the activities they will perform very clearly
  2. Determine the potential hazards associated with these activities
  3. Determine the correct controls to mitigate these hazards


Mentors or day-to-day supervisors are to discuss work activities with the intern, add the intern to the appropriate work activities and go over the questions and answers they may have before they arrive at the lab.  Interns should understand what work they are authorized to do at the lab, what hazards they may encounter and what controls they need to use or follow.

There are several EH&S roles involved with mentoring interns who participate in Workforce Development & Education programs:

Supervisor – Susan Brady Wells, Department Head of Workforce Development & Education is the "Supervisor" for all interns who participate in our programs.

Activity Lead – Mentors are defined as “Activity Leads” for all interns who participate in our programs.

Please see Q&A provided by EHS regarding the roles of Supervisor and Activity Lead below:

Q: What is a Activity Lead?

A: An Activity Lead is anyone who directs, trains, and/or oversees the work and activities of one or more Workers. Activity Leads provide instruction on working safely and the precautions necessary to use equipment and facilities safely and effectively. Activity Leads may authorize Work with the concurrence of the Worker’s Supervisor.

Q: How is an Activity Lead different than a Supervisor?

A: Supervisory Employees are defined by the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) as "any individual, regardless of the job description or title, having authority in the interest of the employer to hire, transfer, suspend, layoff, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward or discipline other employees, or responsibility to direct them, or to adjust their grievances, or to effectively recommend such action, if, in connection with the foregoing, the exercise of such authority is not of a merely routine or clerical nature, but requires the use of independent judgment. Employees whose duties are substantially similar to those of their subordinates shall not be considered to be supervisory employees."

Activity Leads direct, train and/or oversee the Work and activities of the Worker. He/she is not necessarily that individual’s Supervisor (ie, he/she may not have the additional authority to hire, transfer, suspend, or take other personnel actions). Put another way, a Supervisor always has the authority to act as the Activity Lead, but a Activity Lead does not necessarily have the authority to act as Supervisor.

Q: What are the responsibilities of an Activity Lead?

A: Activity Leads

  • Utilize the WPC process as a mechanism to authorize Work under their control when the tasks, locations, hazards, and controls have been properly analyzed.
  • Consult with new Workers, or Workers whose tasks have changed, to assure that their Work Authorizations accurately describe the tasks, hazards, and controls inherent in the Work.
  • Ensure that WPCs are updated annually or more frequently if required.
  • Stop authorized Work when hazards and controls change, and do not reinitiate Work until the Work Authorizations for all Workers performing that Work have been updated, and the required controls are in place.

Please work with your intern to ensure all WPC, GERT and EH&S requirements have been completed prior to beginning of internship.

For more information, tutorials and videos about Work Planning and Control (WPC) please visit http://wpc.lbl.gov/training/

First Day
Most of the day will be given for orientation, basic EH&S training, and administrative matters.  We will plan to have your intern meet you sometime in the afternoon.
Note:  mentors whose interns are starting late for academic reasons will receive separate notice.

First week
During the first and second weeks, interns will need to complete a number of administrative and programmatic tasks; some of which you will need to help with or sign:

  • Internship Work Plan
    Mentors and interns are asked to meet and work out general assignments, expectations, and deliverables, then sign and return the Internship Work Plan. Internship Work Plans are to be turned into Workforce Development & Education at the Brown Bag meeting. Required from all interns. 
    Mentors need to sign and interns need to submit the EHS MOU to Workforce Development & Education at the Brown Bag meeting. Required from all interns.
  • Research Proposal
    This is a 2-3 page paper where the student briefly describes the nature of the work the research group is doing, the significance of the work, and the student's role in the research.  Required from all interns.

Additional Internship Information

Assignments & Deliverables:  Mentors are expected to supervise their interns work on all assignments and deliverables.  Final deliverables require signed approval from mentor prior to submitting to Workforce Development & Education.  A list of assignments and deliverables are available online by program on the Workforce Development & Education website; please check it often as updates may occur throughout the program.  BLUR  CCI  VFP  IISME  SULI

Calendar:  A program calendar is available on the Workforce Development & Education website; please check it often as updates may occur throughout the program.    BLUR  CCI  VFP  IISME   SULI

Evaluations: In an effort to improve and strengthen Workforce Development & Education internship programs, we greatly appreciate feedback about the experience of participating in our programs. Interns are required to complete an evaluation survey of the Workforce Development & Education Program as well as of their mentor.  Mentors are required to complete an evaluation of the Workforce Development & Education Program.  These evaluations are emailed to mentors and interns and are necessary for reporting to the Department of Energy as well as other funding sources.

Final Week and Checkout:  The final week culminates with all interns presenting a research poster at a poster session open to all Lab employees and guests.  Final assignments and deliverables are to be approved by mentor. Intern submits to Workforce Development & Education and uploads to Edulink at checkout.  Mentors are to complete the Mentor Checkout Form for intern to submit to Workforce Development & Education at checkout.   BLUR  CCI  VFP  IISME SULI

Mentor Preparation Course: The online Mentor Preparation course –  EHS0039 – is required for mentors and must be taken every 2 years.

Mentor's Role: See the Mentor's Role page for more information.