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Lab employees volunteer home page

Workforce Development & Education (WD&E) depends on Berkeley Lab volunteers to run our programs. We cannot do this work without YOU. Please look at the tabs below to find out more about our volunteer opportunities and training and sign up for those that have a sign up link. For those of you that have never volunteered for our programs, please complete the Volunteer Interest Survey, so you can be added to our email list and be informed of our volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Interest Survey

Educational Visits

BLAZES is our 3-hour workshop for Bay Area 5th grade classes. Volunteers are needed to conduct hands on science activities with the students and talk to them about your career.
• Visits are Mondays through Thursday from October through May
• 1.5 hour time commitment per workshop
• You can volunteer as often as you like
View the BLAZES Volunteer Calendar and sign up for the date(s) that you are available

BLEND is our 2-3 workshop for Bay Area middle and high school, community college and undergraduate students. Visit dates vary throughout the year. Volunteers are needed to conduct hands on science activities, serve as guest speakers or panelist and give tours of facilities. To volunteer for our BLEND program, be sure that you are on our email list to receive emails about our BLEND visits.


Mentor interns in a research experience

  • Undergraduates and faculty members
  • 10-16-week commitment
  • Fall, Spring and Summer terms

Workforce Development & Education Internship Programs



Volunteers are needed to serve in Workforce Development & Education Events

Volunteer Training
Please use the link to sign up for the appropriate training for the volunteer opportunities

BLAZES Workshop

BLISS Workshop

For more information, contact education@lbl.gov