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BLUFF(Berkeley Lab Undergraduate Faculty Fellowship)

Program Description

This Berkeley Lab program brings faculty to LBNL for an extended period to work with Lab investigators as a continuation of a collaboration established while previously participating in the Visiting Faculty Program (VFP). Funding must be secured by the faculty member and/or Lab researcher.


  • Faculty who reach primarily undergraduates and who have completed the three-year Visiting Faculty Program (VFP).
  • US citizenship or permanent resident status required.
  • Participants must have medical insurance during their time at the Lab.


Key Dates Summer

  • Program Dates: 
    5 Jun - 4 Aug 2017
  • Offer Period:
    Mid-January -

Selection Process

BLUFF program participants have completed a Visiting Faculty Program (VFP) appointment and are recommended by Laboratory scientists.

Faculty interested in participating at Berkeley Lab should first apply through DOE's VFP program.


  • Submit annual report
  • Attend all scheduled events
  • Attend scheduled meetings with faculty
  • Complete all LBNL safety and procedural requirements


>Schedules / Deliverables

For more information contact BLUFF@lbl.gov