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Berkeley Lab Adventure Zone in Elementary Science

Program Description

BLAZES is a 3-hour workshop held on-site that provides hands-on activities, a research lab tour, and talks from scientist volunteers to Bay Area 5th grade classes.

Students will:

  • participate in group hands-on activities
  • investigate the Periodic Table
  • interact with scientists
  • learn about careers in science, engineering and technology
  • visit a laboratory to see powerful imaging instruments used in research
  • see a liquid nitrogen demonstration explaining concepts in earlier activities

View a sample agenda of a typical visit


  • Fifth grade school classes in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
  • Target audiences are public schools from the Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland and West Contra Costa districts
  • One adult chaperone required for each eight students, with a maximum of six adults
  • Class or group size limited to 32 students and six adults

Key Dates

  • Requests accepted:
    17 August
  • Visits begin:  5 October
  • Visits end: 3rd week of May

Requesting a Visit

All visits must be requested electronically, using the following links.

If you are in one of our target districts, please click on your district name to check available dates and submit a visit request form. Please note: we will not process requests submitted through the following links from schools outside of these districts:


  • Review the BLAZES Information Packet including:
    • science content ideas for preparing students for the visit
    • safety regulations for students and adults during the visit
    • post-visit activities

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For more information contact BLAZES@lbl.gov