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Sample agenda



Arrival at Berkeley Lab
Check-in and guest verification

Intro to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Properties of Elements group activity
10:30 Small group activities:  
  1. Thermal conductivity
  2. Electrical conductivity
  3. Chemical and physical properties of matter (Dry ice)
    (10-11 students per group, 15-20 minutes at each station)
11:30 Clean up, wrap up  
12:00 Lunch  
12:35 Tour of the Advanced Light Source  
1:10 Demonstration - Liquid nitrogen  


Depart Lab

This agenda may be modified on the day of the visit to accommodate any logistical challenges. Email BLAZES@lbl.gov.


Visit Pre-Activities

Have students define the terms “structures” and “matter” as they relate to science.

Students should then list kinds of matter found in the classroom.   They should share and compare their lists with other students. 

Use different terms to talk about properties of matter e.g., soft, heavy, size, liquid, red, invisible, flammable, etc.

Review the Periodic Table.

Introduce the terms “element” and “atom”
An element is a substance that cannot be divided into other substances.
An atom is the smallest part of an element that still has the properties of that element.



For more information, contact BLAZES@lbl.gov