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Preparing for Your Visit

  • Review BLAZES Information Packet
  • Email guest list including chaperones to 
     at least two weeks prior to visit date or visit WILL BE CANCELLED
  • Obtain signed photo release forms for all participants
  • Turn in necessary paperwork to principal/district
  • Acquire a substitute if applicable
  • Recruit at least one adult to accompany each eight students, with a maximum of 32 students and six adults total
  • Be sure students know times of the visit and pickup and drop off locations
  • Arrange for lunches and water for students if applicable
  • If your group has drivers, make sure they have directions to Berkeley Lab
  • Print Map to Workforce Development & Education for Buses and Cars
  • NOTE:  Photos/videos may be taken of the visit

Safety and Security Guidelines

  • All adults must bring a photo ID to the Lab.
  • All guest must wear proper footwear (closed toe shoes) during visit.
  • All guests must wear proper clothing, no one should have exposed skin on legs, ankles and feet during visit.
  • Guests with long hair must pull their hair back in bun or ponytail.
  • Guest must follow all the safely rules given to them by Lab employees and posted signs throughout the facility.

Day of Visit

  • Please arrive on time and if you encounter a problem, please call us at 510-486-5511
  • Be sure to bring lunches and water for all students and chaperones
  • Be sure to bring your signed photo release forms
  • Be prepared to provide demographic information for your group
  • Be prepared to complete evaluation surveys at the end of your visit
  • Email us and/or share your photos and/or videos on your visit with us on social media
  • FAQs

  • More Information: Contact Workforce Development & Education at 510.486.5511or email BLAZES@lbl.gov