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Q: Does the Lab provide transportation for the visit?

A: No, your group will need to arrange its own transportation i.e. bus, van, carpool. BLAZES participants are not allowed to take the Lab shuttle.

Q: How many students can my class/program bring to Berkeley Lab for a visit?

A: The minimum size for a group is 12 students and the maximum size for a group is 32. Any group that is smaller than 12 students or larger than 32 students will not be approved for a visit.

Q: Is there flexibility in the agenda?

A: No, each visit is about 3 hours and is based on an agenda/curriculum we have developed based on 5thgrade science standards

Q: How many chaperones (non-students) can accompany the students on the visit?

A: There should be 1 chaperone per 8 students with a maximum of 6 adults including the teacher/program instructors.   All chaperones must be 18 and older.

Q: What days of the week can we request a visit?

A: BLAZES visits take place on Mondays through Thursdays.  If you are in one of our target districts, on the Request a Visit tab on our Home page, click on the name of your district to check the available dates for your district. If you aren’t one of our target districts, check the available dates for schools that aren’t in our target districts.

Q: I have a 4/5 combination class. Can my class participant in the program?

A: No, the program is designed for 5th grade classes.

Q: I can only find 3 adults for my class of 32. Is it still okay for my class to participate in the program?

A: No, according to our Safety and Security Regulations, there must be 1 adult per 8 students.  If your group does not meet this requirement, your group can not schedule a visit. If your group arrives at the lab and doesn’t meet this requirement you will be turned away on the day of the visit.

Q: Do all of the chaperones need to be US citizens?

A: No. Most foreign nationals are able to visit the Lab and do not require pre-approval exception is they are nationals from a designated terrorist sponsor or T-3 country.

Q: Can a younger or older sibling of students from the classroom accompany the group on the visit?

A:  No, only the students enrolled in the 5th grade class, the classroom teacher and designated chaperones are allowed on site. No siblings, children of chaperones or teacher or outside guests are permitted on site.

Q: Can I bring my pet with me as long as I keep it in a carrier?

A: No, only service animals are allowed on-site.


For more information, contact BLAZES@lbl.gov