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Housing In Berkeley

These pages contain housing options for your stay in Berkeley during your internship at LBNL. We have grouped the options into categories, but details can vary significantly from place to place. As more information becomes available, additional housing options will be added to these pages. Please check back for updates as you continue your housing search.

NOTE: Locating housing in Berkeley can be challenging so you should start contacting places that you are interested in right away.

ALSO: Make sure to pay attention to the prices and periods as some places have a flat rate for the summer period and others have a monthly charge. Most places will prorate the rent so you only need to pay for the time you are actually there, but make sure to ask about this when you contact them!

In addition to using the following resources to find individual housing, you can also get information about fellow interns who are looking for roommates during the summer. Look for the housing discussions on the Facebook group that you should have joined shortly after you were accepted to the program.

Please note: housing supplements are distributed the first week of the internship.

We make our best effort to assure that the information we present in these pages is correct. However, you should always verify any terms and conditions before deciding to move in.

Berkeley Lab Guest House Workforce Development & Education Special Rates for Lab Interns:
Stays of more than 30 nights/Stays of less than 30 nights:
Single - Standard Queen - $89/$112 per night, Large Double Queen $99/$122 Studio Suite with Kitchenette - $117/$142 per night 

*Shares - Double Twin - $49.50/$61, Large Double Queen - $54.50/$66,  Studio Suite with kitchenette and two queen beds - $63.50/$76  (limited availability)

*Shared rooms pay the shared rate per person on the double occupancy nights.   Single occupancy nights are single rates.   If you are booking as a double, please have the dates and names of both people in the room that have agreed to stay together at the time of booking.  We have 24 hour cancellation policy on our guest rooms.  If you room mate does not stay with us, you will be responsible for the single occupancy rate.

To book at these special rates or for more information, contact Jen Zerfas at the Guest House directly.  

Dormitories are usually large community style housing with shared bathrooms and rooms off a main hallway. Some dorms offer meals in the summer, while others don't. Some dorms are expensive and gorgeous, while others are inexpensive and run down. There is the occasional exception, but on average you get what you pay for.

Co-Ops & Greeks , more throughly described as Student Cooperatives (Co-Ops) and Fraternities & Sororities (Greeks), vary greatly across the board. Some houses are very similar to dormitories in that they have cleaning staff, while others involve chores and work shift hours. Co-Ops and Greeks sometimes offer good deals for summer subletting, and most frats aren't "fraternally active" in the summer time. Co-Ops and Greeks may offer a closer community than a dormitory, as well as a house or apartment rather than a hall.

Other Resources (Apartments, Rooms, Sublets, etc.) Here are a couple of alternative ways to find housing in Berkeley besides our pages, including the very popular internet classifieds site Craigslist. If you are looking to sublet a private apartment or room in a house, this is your best bet.