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Program Description

The BLISS Resource Center provides workshops, activities, literature and other resources available to Berkeley Lab employees to enable them to be ambassadors for science education in their community.


  • Open to all Berkeley Lab employees
  • All participants who complete specific BLISS Kit Workshops are eligible to check out the corresponding BLISS Kits from Workforce Development & Education's BLISS Resource Center.



BLISS Kits are age-appropriate, kid-tested, educationally sound science activities. Lab employees that have attended workshops on how to lead the activities may check out and use the kits in local schools or other appropriate youth events. Bring a little BLISS to your world!


Workforce Development & Education in partnership with Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) will present a series of BLISS Kit Workshops to prepare Berkeley Lab staff members to lead age-appropriate, hands-on, standards based science and mathematics activities contained in our BLISS Kits.

BLISS Kit Workshops are designed to introduce Berkeley Lab employees to activities from Workforce Development & Education's BLISS Resource Center that are available for use in local schools and youth events. All materials are aligned with the California Science Standards in use by schools across the state.

BLISS@lbl.gov education.lbl.gov/BLISS (510) 486-5511 Building 7, Room 220A
Supported by a generous gift from the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation