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Annual ERSP PI Meeting - April 16-19, 2007, Lansdowne, VA

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Stabilization of Plutonium in Subsurface Environments via Microbial Reduction and Biofilm Formation
Hakim Boukhalfa, Gary A. Icopini, Sean D. Reilly, Mary P. Neu
The Center for Environmental Kinetics Analysis: an NSF- and DOE-funded Environmental Molecular Science Institute (EMSI) at Penn State
S. L. Brantley, William D. Burgos, Brian A. Dempsey, Peter J. Heaney, James D. Kubicki, Peter C. Lichtner, Bruce E. Logan, Carmen E. Martinez, Karl T. Mueller, Kwadwo A. Osseo-Asare, Ming Tien, Carl I. Steefel, Glenn A. Waychunas, and John M. Zachara

Structural Role for Flagella in Biofilm Formation and Stability in Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough
M.E. Clark, Z. He, M. L. Duley, G. Zane, R. E. Edelmann, D.A. Elias, J. Zhou (Co-PI), J.D. Wall (Co-PI), and M.W. Fields2 (PI)

Effects of Chromium(VI) and Chromium(III) on Desulfovibrio vulgaris Cells
M.E. Clark, A. Klonowska, S.B. Thieman, B. Giles, J.D. Wall, and M.W. Fields

Isotopic Tracers for Biogeochemical Processes and Contaminant Transport: Hanford, Washington
Donald J. DePaolo, John N. Christensen, Mark E. Conrad, and P. Evan Dresel

Applying EMSL Capabilities to Biogeochemistry and Environmental Research
Andy Felmy

Multi-Scale Monitoring and Prediction of System Responses to Biostimulation
Susan Hubbard, Co-Investigators and Collaborators: Jill Banfield, Jinsong Chen, Mark Conrad, Jenny Druhan, Andreas Englert, Andreas Kemna, LiLi, Phil Long, Michael O’Brien, Dimtrios Ntarlagiannis, Yves Personna, Steve Pride, Lee Slater, Carl Steefel, and Ken Williams
Changes in Microbial Community Structure During Biostimulation for Uranium Reduction at Different Levels of Resolution
Hwang, C., W.-M.Wu, T.J. Gentry, G. Corbin, J. Carley, S.L. Carroll, D. Watson, P.M. Jardine, J. Zhou, C.S. Criddle, and M.W. Fields

Thermodynamic network model for predicting effects of substrate addition and other perturbations on
subsurface microbial communities

Jack Istok, Melora Park, James McKinley, Chongxuan Liu, Lee Krumholz, Anne Spain, Aaron Peacock and Brett Baldwin

Molecular-Level Investigations of Nucleation Mechanisms and Kinetics of Formation of Environmental Nanoparticles
Young-Shin Jun and Glenn A. Waychunas (PI)

Development of Modeling Methods and Tools for Predicting Coupled Reactive Transport Processes in Porous Media at Multiple Scales
S.R. Kanel, V.A. Loganathan, G. Jeppu, A. Kumar, V. Srinivasan, T. Radu, K. Hartzog, J. McLaughlin, M.O. Barnett, C. Zheng, N.L. Jones, and T.P. Clement (PI)

Synthesis of Goethite-Coated Sand and Analysis of its Interactions with Uranium
Vijay A. Loganathan, Sushil R. Kanel, Mark O. Barnett, and T. Prabhakar Clement (PI)
Biogeochemical Mechanisms Controlling Reduced Radionuclide Particle Properties and Stability
Co-PIs: M.J. Marshall and A.S. Beliaev, PIs: J.K. Fredrickson and J.M Zachara

Promoting Uranium Immobilization by the Activities of Microbial Phosphatases
Robert J. Martinez, Melanie J. Beazley, Samuel M. Webb, Martial Taillefert (co-PI) and Patricia A. Sobecky (PI)

Coupled Processes Influencing the Transport of Uranium over Multiple Scales
Melanie A. Mayes, Guoping Tang, Jack C. Parker, Ed Perfect, and Elmer van den Berg
Mechanistically-Based Field-Scale Models of Uranium Biogeochemistry from Upscaling Pore-Scale Experiments and Model
Tim Scheibe, Alexandre Tartakovsky, Brian Wood and Joe Seymour
Mesoscale Biotransformation of Uranium: Influences of Organic Carbon Supply Rates and Sediment Oxides
Tetsu Tokunaga (PI), Jiamin Wan, Yongman Kim, Rebecca Daly, Eoin Brodie, Mary Firestone, Terry Hazen, Steve Sutton, Matt Newville, Tony Lanzirotti, and Bill Rao

Influence of Wetting and Mass Transfer Properties of Organic Chemical Mixtures in Vadose Zone Materials on Groundwater Contamination by Nonaqueous Phase Liquids
Charles Werth, Albert Valocchi, Hongkyu Yoon, Scott Nellis, Garvin Prescod, Mart Oostrom

Kinetic Controls on the Desorption/Dissolution of Sorbed U(VI) and Their Influence on Reactive Transport
J. M. Zachara, C. Liu, N. Qafoku, J. P. McKinley, J. A. Davis, D. Stoliker, Y. Arai, and J. G. Catalano, G. E. Brown, Jr.
Multi-Scale Mass Transfer Processes Controlling Natural Attenuation and Engineered Remediation: An IFC Focused on Hanford’s 300 Area Uranium Plume
J. Zachara, PNNL; M. Freshley, PNNL; D. DePaolo, LBNL; J. Fredrickson, PNNL; R. Haggerty, Oregon State U; D. Kent, USGS; A. Konopka, Purdue U; P. Lichtner, LANL; C. Liu, PNNL; J. McKinley, PNNL; M. Rockhold, PNNL; Y. Rubin, U CA/Berkeley; J. Szecsody, PNNL; R. Versteeg, INL; A. Ward, PNNL; B. Williams, PNNL; C. Zheng, U. Alabama; and Mike Thompson, DOE 300 A Site Steward
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