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RMS (Requirements Management System) Database


The Requirements Management System (RMS) database is the business management system that manages and traces the relationships between requirements, policies and supporting programs, procedures, processes, etc.  It serves several functions:

  1. Tracks and reports the relationships between institutional requirements and institutional documents,
  2. Enables data changes via a process workflow that is based on a formal Requirements Management process, and
  3. Tracks completion of Berkeley Lab's Contract 31 deliverables. 

The RMS database has been designed to track not only version changes but also to capture all related activities regarding requirements and institutional documents.  Examples of such activities include records of decision, instances of discussions, risk/impact analyses and implementation plans for the given change. Hence, the RMS retains not only the version history, but also the reasoning for the change and the impact of the change.  Users can search and find a full history of changes for any requirement or document, and generate reports that illustrate the flow-down from Contract 31 requirements to policies and supporting documents.  [Note: "history" starts approximately 2012.]

Additional information about the Berkeley Lab Requirements Management Program may be found here.


RM Program Overview may be found here

Access to RMS

The RMS is accessible to persons with Berkeley Lab LDAP permissions. The link to RMS is: 


The table below provides instructions on how to log-in, extract information, and (for select users) track Document Management or Requirements Management Cases.  The "V" procedures are recommended for first time and general users. Note: videos do not have audio.

These "How-to" instructions and this web site are still under development.  Please feel free to send comments, suggestions to Thank you for your patience.

Administrator-Only procedures may be found here

For All Users (Read-Only, Contract Deliverable Owners, SMEs, RMC Representatives)
Level Topic Text Video
V00 Cheatsheet for General Users link n/a
V01 Definitions to Help Use and Search the RMS link n/a
V02 Basic Orientation  (Read-Only users) –screen layout, action buttons, adjusting views link link
V03 Introduction to Search –screen layout, search mask link n/a
V03A Searching the RMS – tips (text), demo (video) link link
V04 Following Associated Thread from Searched Item link link
V05 Generating a Report link link
V06 Exporting Search Results Data link link
V11 Creating a Private Search Mask link n/a
V12 Deleting a Private Search Mask link n/a
V99 Beginners RMS Do-It-Yourself Training Script link n/a


For Contract Deliverable Owners
Level Topic Text Video
DE01 Definitions for Contract Deliverable Owners link n/a
DE02 Orientation: Deliverables Screen Layout, workflow buttons link n/a
DE03 Selecting a Deliverable Doc with Scheduled Due Date link n/a
DE04 Selecting an As Required Deliverable Doc link n/a
DE05 Closing a Submitted Deliverable in RMS n/a link


For Document SMEs, RMC Representatives
Level Topic Text Video
DC00 Cheatsheet for RMC Members link n/a
DC01 Data Entry Naming Conventions link n/a
DC02 Orientation for Data Entry – screen layout link n/a
DC04 Data Entry - Case Workflow link link
DC05 Data Entry - Document Sub-Workflow link n/a
DC06 Data Entry - Action/ROD Sub-Workflow link n/a
DC07 Data Entry - Setting Up Associations link n/a
DC08 Reassigning a Workflow Task link n/a
DC31 Delete a Job link n/a